Sending sympathy – funeral flowers to someone close on the loss of a family member is one of the best and sincere ways to show your condolences.  However, the selection of sympathy flowers is not easy. It requires some etiquettes which means you should know the flower types, their symbolism, and arrangement as per the occasion. You cannot just pick a bunch of flowers and send them to the departed soul’s family.

We will be sharing some useful information to help you choose the right funeral home flowers and the perfect arrangements for your loved ones.

Why Flowers?

It’s always hard to show support to the bereaved family as nothing can heal the wounds of the departed soul. Funeral flowers in Toronto Canada are a great tradition to convey your condolences. It’s a kind gesture to someone who has suffered a loss. Different flower arrangements symbolize different feelings and beliefs. There are certain types and colors that represent mourning and continuation of life.  Such as:

  • Lilies: a symbol of renewal and rebirth
  • Rose: sincerity and gratitude
  • Carnation: love
  • Hyacinth: sorrow and regret
  • Chrysanthemum: a symbol of death
  • Gladiolus: Strength

Sympathy – Funeral Flowers Arrangements:

There are certain sympathy and funeral flower arrangements, but before choosing any, one should consider religion and relationship to the deceased. For instance, here are some arrangement options:

Certainly, you can also send the sympathy – funeral flowers after the funeral. To ensure the freshness and quality of your cheap funeral flowers, get them hand-delivered to funeral homes in Richmond Hill Ontario, Mississauga and Toronto, Canada from Toronto Bulk Flowers and Hillcrest Florist. In addition, our prompt and professional services for funeral flowers Scarborough and highland funeral home Markham are just a click away.