The Big Hug Bouquet by FTD

Life impresses us with many surprises lying ahead of us! Have you ever impressed your darling or your loved ones? If not then send or present the big hug bouquet by FTD to your better half, girlfriend, siblings, and parents. The distinctive thing in this bouquet is the 6-inch bear which is expressing your desire to hug your loved ones. However, the flowers are enchanting the songs of love and beauty on your behalf. Therefore, send this regal floral gift on the same day in the Greater Toronto Area and Richmond Hill through swift delivery of the GTA flower shop.

What do the flowers signify in the big hug bouquet by FTD?

The big hug Bouquet by FTD is a solemn collection of the following flowers and greenery.

  • Lavender Alstroemeria which is commonly known as Peruvian lilies giving a look of fluttering butterflies.
  • Mini carnations of magenta color that are complementing the beauty of Peruvian lilies.
  • Hypericum berries of green color
  • Lastly, Leather leaf greenery

The above-mentioned flowers and assorted greenery has been arranged in a beautiful manner in a pale green ceramic vase. The most distinctive thing in this floral gift is the 6-inch brown bear giving a hug to the ceramic vase.

On which occasion you can send the big hug bouquet by FTD?

Lavender Peruvian lilies are the symbol of deep mutual connection between two people and delicate beauty.  While the magenta mini carnations are the symbol of admiration, fondness, and love. So collectively this floral bouquet is the symbol of deep love, admiration, happiness, joy, and connectedness. Therefore, you can send this bouquet on the following occasions.

  • Teddy day to your girlfriend, partner, wife, and fiancée.
  • Hug day to your wife or girlfriend.
  • Spring day to celebrate the season of spring and love.
  • Mother’s day, father’s day, and grandparent’s day to tell them that they have a special place in your heart.
  • Wedding anniversary
  • New year’s Eve
  • Thanksgiving day

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Approximately 14″H x 9″W.