The FTD sweet splendor bouquet is a magical tonic for those who are brave enough to stand firm in front of disease or mental trauma in a hospital. The color scheme, the fragrance, the combination of flowers, and the symmetry are marvelous. This pristine bouquet is as pure as the feelings of a mother for her children. The local florists Richmond Hill have a special knack for creating floral masterpieces for any occasion. No other floral gift matches the beauty and splendor of this bouquet. Therefore, order today this get well floral bouquet along with some other gift basket to your loved ones. We deliver on the same day in Toronto, downtown Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area through Toronto flower delivery. We have a special arrangement to send it to the Toronto General Hospital or the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto.

The blooms used in the FTD sweet splendor bouquet:

            The Yonge flower shop, Richmond Hill is known for premium fresh flowers. Therefore you don’t need to worry about the quality of flowers. The following flowers with their elegance and sweet splendor are used in this bouquet.

  • The milky white daisy flowers.
  • Orange roses of light color.
  • Mini carnations of pale yellow color.
  • Lastly, leather leaf greenery.

The white daisy and orange roses are used in abundance. Therefore, these are the primary flowers flanked by mini carnations and filler. All of them are placed in a clear glass vase to which butterfly decorative ribbon is attached.

Why the FTD sweet splendor bouquet is the best get well floral bouquet?

The following attributes make it people’s choice as a get-well floral gift.

  • The white daisies are the symbol of purity, spirituality, innocence, and hope.
  • Similarly, the orange roses convey your wishes of get-well-soon with optimism, energy, and enthusiasm.
  • While the yellow mini carnations represent pure love and care for your loved ones.

So it is advisable by the florists of the GTA flower shop and the medics of the Toronto General Hospital and the Hospital for Sick Children Toronto, to express your feeling of care by giving flowers to patients. One bonus is waiting for you. You can avail 10% off on the FTD sweet splendor bouquet and the following bouquets.