Choosing an impressive long-lasting birthday gift is a hectic task and it often leads to boredom and disappointment.  However, there is one house plant, namely the Sanderiana Lucky Bamboo, which is not only graceful & elegant but also easy to maintain with little care. If you want to give something special and unique on the birthdays then nothing is better than this Lucky bamboo plant. Five stalks of the bamboo plant are placed in a mini rectangular clear glass vase filled with river rocks and water.

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What does the Sanderiana Lucky Bamboo represent?

  • In different cultures, it has different meanings but the most common attributes associated with this plant are good luck and fortune.
  • When you gave this plant to someone, it means that you want a prosperous life for him/her with happiness.
  • The distinguishing feature of this birthday gift is that you can mold it into different shapes with the passage of time.
  • The most famous shapes are the heart shape and curling towers of this bamboo. You can even make your own shapes according to your needs with little effort and care.

How to care for the Sanderiana Lucky Bamboo?

  • The professional local florists of the GTA flower shop, Richmond Hill recommends the following care measures for this plant.
  • This plant needs a little amount of sunlight to grow. However, continuous direct sunlight is detrimental to it. Therefore place it at a place where there is no direct sunlight.
  • The fresh water is important for its growth. Therefore, change the water in the vase every seven days.
  • If you see any yellow spots on the leaves then prone it immediately so that it may not spread.
  • If there is any dust on the leaves then clean it so that it may look fresh and lush green.

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