The true charm bouquet is an elegantly beautiful assortment of the following regal flowers for you and your loved ones.

  • Hot Pink Alstroemeria
  • Yellow Roses
  • Lavender Daisy Pompons
  • Hot Pink Statice
  • Leather leaf
  • Pittosporum

The yellow roses, lavender daisy pompons, and hot pink Alstroemeria are the primary flowers in this blend. While the statice flowers, leather leaf greenery, and pittosporum flowers are adding an extra beautiful touch to this bouquet. This bouquet comes in a clear glass vase that is as clear and pure as your feeling of care. Therefore, send it along with a unique gift to your loved ones as a get well floral bouquet. The High Park health Centre, Toronto, and Toronto Western Hospital are the two important hospitals located in Toronto. We deliver on the same day to these hospitals and almost every hospital in the GTA through Toronto flower delivery. We also offer a same-day delivery service for the Vaughan district through Vaughan flower delivery.

The symbolism of flowers in the true charm bouquet:

  • The long-lasting Alstroemeria that is also known as Peruvian lily is a symbol of friendship and devotion.
  • Similarly, the classical yellow roses also stand for friendship, sunshine, happiness, and joy.
  • The placid tones of purple daisy pompons are representing thoughtfulness, innocence, and care.
  • While the pink statice flowers symbolize your love, kindness, and affection for the recipient.
  • So holistically this splendid bouquet is the symbol of thoughtfulness, love, kindness, affection joy, and happiness.

On what occasions you can send or present the true charm bouquet?

Being a symbol of happiness, thoughtfulness, love, care, friendship, and joy, you can present this bouquet on the following occasions.

  • Get well soon.
  • Birth of a newborn baby.
  • Friendship day.
  • Mother’s day.
  • Canadian family day.
  • Father’s day.
  • Grandparent’s Day.
  • Wedding anniversary.

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