Tiki Tree Fern Greenery – 5 Bunches

The Tiki Tree Fern Greenery is a dark green bulk flowers filler that is well-loved by many flower designers and customers alike. This fern has several branches that are populated by needle-like leaves. But do not worry, they are harmless and not sharp. This cute sounding greenery also commonly goes by other interesting names such as African Broom fern and simply as Tiki Fern.

Many other greeneries and fillers are a great match to be used in flower arrangements and floral designs with the Tiki Tree Fern Greenery. For your DIY projects, you can style Salal Leaves, Leather leaves and even include the exotic ornamental cabbage.

Buying your fillers and greenery as wholesale flowers are the best way to go. This way you will be able to get the most affordable prices in the market. You will also find so many different ways to include and use the Tiki Tree Fern Greenery in all your floral designs.

Many gorgeous flowers complement the Tiki Tree Fern Greenery such as Lisianthus flowers, chrysanthemums, Calla Lilies, Genista Assorted colors and the ever-popular Baby’s Breath. The beautiful dark green color of the Tiki Fern is also a suitable match for many other colors such as orange Gerber daisies, red roses, and pink alstroemeria. You can create wonderful hand-tied fresh cut flowers with a combination of all these flowers and greens.

Don’t ignore the Tiki Tree Fern Greenery if you are planning to design your own flower baskets and vase arrangements for any occasion such as wedding flowers. You can plump up Mother’s Day cut-flower arrangements with this green filler.  Your friends and loved ones will be pleasantly surprised by your heartfelt gesture. Call us at Toronto Bulk Flowers for more ideas on how to arrange and design your do-it-yourself flower and gift baskets with fillers and green.