The Toronto office trillium bias bowl has one side with a smaller symbol within a smaller circle towards which the bowl will be turned.
How to maintain trillium bias bowls
1. First, wash both the inside and outside of the glass and allow it to dry in order to keep away any harmful substances that may harm the plants.
2. Secondly, protect the bowls by keeping them away from direct sunlight or too hot temperatures that may cause breakages.

How to maintain trillium bias bowl plants

1. Lighting- these plants require enough light but not direct sunlight.
2. Irrigation – glass bowl plants require less watering since they store water in their stems. Water scarcely, probably once a week. If you use pot without holes,  water only when the soil dries up completely. This is to avoid root rot that is caused by excessive water retention.
3. Temperature – place trillium in areas with warm and dry air.
4. Fertilizer application- use an organic fertilizer to boost the growth rate and vigour of these plants.
5. Soil- use a soil that has very good drainage and rich in nutrients. Good drainage prevents water retention by the soils which causes root rot.

Benefits of trillium bias bowls

  • The Toronto office trillium bias bowls are very good in heat insulators and protect plants from UV light.
  • They are durable and long lasting if well taken care of.
  • Thirdly, they are the most beautiful containers used and are appealing to the onlookers.
  •  Fourthly, Toronto office glass bowl plants do not easily get attacked by pests and diseases because of the good maintenance practices we put in place.
  • Lastly, we sell them at cheap and affordable prices.

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As Shown: 6.5″ X 7

Deluxe: 8″ X 9″