Briefly explain the term Tropical Bromeliads, the Toronto Bulk Flowers indoor plants are flowering monocotyledonous tropical plants. They are epiphytic with lengthy, stiff leaves and bright leaves.

How does Toronto Office grow them?

Growth of  Tropical Bromeliads

  1. First, choose young plants that have no damages.
  2. Then add media to your preferred pot or container.
  3. Dig a hole using your hand and then place the plant in the hole.
  4. Gently cover the plant roots. Remember not to firmly press the soil as it may not drain water rapidly.
  5. Lastly monitor the plant’s growth regularly for a healthy plant.

What are the basic requirements in the growth of Tropical Bromeliads?

Maintenance practices of This Plant

    • Light- these plants are grown in well-lit and bright areas. However, they should not be subjected to direct sunlight. This may cause scorches on the plant that will eventually lead to wilting.
  • Potting mix- preferably used media is a mixture of peat moss and sand soil. This is because this mix drains rapidly.
  • Irrigation- Tropical Bromeliads do survive well in drought conditions thus do
  • not require regular watering. However, this does not mean you deny them good supply of water.
  • Apply liquid fertilizers in very low amounts since Tropical Bromeliads are not heavy feeders.
  • Prune the dead stems using pruning shears. Cut near the bottom of the plant. Do away with rotten pieces of the root system.

The pros of Tropical Bromeliads Plant from Toronto Offices

  • Toronto Bulk Flowers are well-maintained hence have no cases of pest and diseases attack.
  • Our plants are always available anytime and every time.
  • We do sell our plants at very pocket-friendly prices to our clients.
  • We always do deliveries regardless of the destination and accept payment upon delivery. This has made us gain trust from our clients.

Approximately. 25″W x 23″H