Tropical Flowers

Flowers and floral gifts on special occasions always make your loved ones happier and more hopeful. Therefore, make your loved ones happier and joyous by filling their day with these tropical flowers by GTA flower shop.  Our local florists have cherry-picked these fresh flowers for you and for your loved ones. So, you can send this radiant floral piece of art on the same day in the Greater Toronto Area through the swift delivery of the Toronto Flower shop. This floral gift will act as sunshine and will have the same effect of food and medicine on its receiver.

Combination of flowers in Tropical flowers bouquet by GTA flower shop:

This perennial floral gift has been made by the following flowers.

  • Cane shaped thick, bright red inflorescence of red ginger.
  • Blooming stems of green dendrobium orchids.
  • Pink ornamental protea flowers
  • Red ti leaves.
  • Hypericum berries of red color
  • Fronds of plumosa

All of these flowers are arranged in a stylish wooden box. Red ginger stalks and pink protea flowers are making this floral bouquet more distinguished and distinctive. While the other flowers and greenery are complementing the beauty of these flowers. The ti leaves are in the background. Similarly, the fronds of plumosa are in the base of this bouquet.

On what occasion you can send tropical flowers bouquet?

The vibrant Red ginger stalks are the symbol of fiery passion and strength. While the green dendrobium orchid flowers are representing pure affection and love. Similarly, pink protea flowers are the symbol of courage and hope. So, collectively the tropical flowers bouquet is the symbol of love, affection, courage, hope, and strength. Therefore, you can present or send this precious floral gift on the following occasions.

  • Spring day to enjoy the season of spring.
  • Thanksgiving Day.
  • Wedding anniversary.
  • New Year’s Eve.
  • Secretary Day.
  • Mother’s Day.
  • Father’s Day.
  • Grandparent’s Day.

On the above-mentioned occasions you can also present Calla Lily Flowers and More, Rose Arrangement or Flowers – Basket of Stars to your loved ones if you are not impressed by these tropical flowers.

Approximately 23″H