The Umbrella Palm Cut Greenery is a wonderful accent that complements flower arrangements. As its name suggests, this greenery has a long stem with a series of long thin leaves sitting at the top of the stem, much like an umbrella. This beautiful greenery will make all your DIY flower design projects a real breeze. So make sure to get your flowers and greens as Bulk flowers because it is the smartest way to go.

This greenery will make all your wedding flowers and arrangements pop out to admiring guests. There are many other uses for this versatile green. You can decorate fresh cut-flower arrangements and floral designs with this palm greenery for Mother’s Day, for your parents’, or for your own anniversary dinner. Moreover, you can create wonderful large flower centerpieces for an intimate wedding held at home or at a cozy restaurant.

Similarly, you can upgrade any flower centerpieces or a floral arrangement with the Umbrella Palm Cut Greenery. Its tall size will be ideal for increasing length and will instantly make the size of any arrangement bigger. Additionally, this greenery is popular when making bouquets in combination with, alstroemerias, Gerbera Daisies, and Hydrangeas.

How to get great results with this Umbrella Palm Cut Greenery?

You can mix this greenery with other greeneries and fillers to get great results. The following are some of the mixing ideas :

  • Umbrella Palm Greenery
  • Coontie Fern Greenery
  • Sword Fern Greens

These combinations will create the most wonderful designs for your wedding flowers.

But don’t limit yourself only to these suggestions. Use your imagination and creativity by playing around with different flower designs. Contact Toronto Bulk Flowers to inquire about the most affordable prices for wholesale flowers. You will be getting the most competitive prices for your Umbrella Palm Cut Greenery and will be able to design your do-it-yourself flower styles with ease of mind.