Valentine’s Day Roses

Valentine’s Day roses bouquet is not just a bouquet of flowers. It is the ambassador of your feeling and emotions of the love for your loved ones. Professional florists of GTA flower shop, Richmond Hill are behind the creation of this lovely floral arrangement. This is the most lavish floral gift on Valentine’s Day, which you will send to your better half, partner or girlfriend. It will definitely ignite the feelings of love and romance with more intensity.

Composition of Valentine’s Day roses bouquet:

         This exquisite floral arrangement is made of the following flowers, greenery, and fillers.

  • Long flowering stems of red roses
  • Secondly, White Limonium foliage
  • Thirdly, Limonium flowers
  • Leather leaf greenery
  • Lastly, some other assorted greens as a filler.

All of these flowers, greenery, and fillers have been arranged in a beautiful symmetry and presented in clear glass vase. A dozen of red roses in this floral arrangement is the predominant flowers. While the white Limonium foliage and flower are complementing the beauty of red roses, making it a perfect match of red and white for Valentine’s Day.

 Valentine’s Day roses bouquet and Valentine’s Day celebration ideas:

  • As we all know roses symbolize love, romance, and beauty. So we can complement any occasion of love with this floral bouquet.

Send these flowers or some other floral bouquet such as Bouquet of Roses or The Love You XO Bouquet on the first day of each month or on every special occasion. This will tell your darling that every month is the month of love for you.

  • Words matter a lot to impress someone. So choose some impressive romantic words after contemplation and use these words in your special message for your loved one.
  • In your love letter tell her the ways how you love her and why you love her. One poet has rightly written these lines for this occasion.
  • Personalize this Valentine’s Day roses bouquet by adding some handmade crafts to increase the value of this gift.

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Approx. 24″ H x 22″W