Valentine Tulip Bouquet, Tulips are Seasonal flowers that are not available year-round.

Do you want to admire the beauty of your darling and don’t know what to choose for this purpose?  GTA flower shop, Richmond Hill is proud to present Valentine’s tulip bouquet for the love of your life. It is an amazing way to celebrate the love and beauty with your wife, girlfriend or partner on this Valentine’s Day. Tulips are the symbol of untouched beauty, true love, and pure soul. So send this floral bouquet through same-day delivery of Toronto flower delivery in Greater Toronto Area.

Disposition and colors of Valentine’s tulip bouquet:

  • This bouquet is composed of white, pink and red tulip flowers. The pastel colors of these flowers are creating a palliative environment.
  • The bloom of these flowers is cup-shaped making this bouquet more beautiful.
  • This bouquet comes with a clear glass vase.

          The cup-shaped delicate tulips of pastel colors having blade leaves are creating an awe-inspiring effect of ecstasy. The bloom of tulips resembles the smile of your darling. These flowers are the ambassador of your love for your sweetheart. Hence, this floral bouquet will create a pleasing effect on the mode of its receiver.   

Other uses of Valentine’s tulip bouquet besides a floral gift:

  • You can use this bouquet as a centerpiece of the table for the candlelight dinner with your loved one.
  • We can place this floral bouquet as a decoration piece in your bedroom, living room or in any corner that needs special attention.
  • It is also an exquisite floral thank you gift that you can send to your parents on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day.
  • Roses are the most liked classical flowers. However, some people like the beauty of tulips more than roses. So this bouquet is a perfect match for them.

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Approximately 16″ H