White Orchids Plant – Thai

Our white orchids Thai plant is a one of a kind beauty and comes in a container. This exotic plant originates from Thailand and exudes purity and gracefulness, which is perfect for any gift giving.

You can surprise your loved ones with this beauty on any special occasions, or purchase it for yourself, you will cherish it forever.

White orchids symbolizes beauty and has always been loved by people for ages, due to its uniqueness and quality.

You can give our white orchids plant as a gift for;

  • Birthdays
  • Mother’s day
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations
  • Get well gifts
  • Add it with other gifts
  • Home décor
  • Friendship gifts

White orchids are very delicate and should be handle with care to sustain its beauty. This plant is suitable as a friendship gift to give to your special friends to honor their sincerity.

You can also keep them as a remembrance of a beloved one, or decorate any room in your home with our white orchid plant, also place it in an office for a natural feel.

No need to worry about your pets, this plant is pet friendly so, take a potted white orchid plant to a birthday party or place several of them in your home to create a tranquil moment.

You will need to water the orchid plant once per week and make sure that you do not over water as the root will rot. Place plant in a bright space to get sufficient sunlight.

Fertilize with the appropriate fertilizer according to manufacturer’s direction is perfect  with proper care, besides white orchids will bloom for a number of months  every year.

You will not regret buying this beautiful Thai orchid plant because, it will bring a sense of tranquility, innocence and elegance. Even your dear ones will be happy to receive it.

Container may vary

Approximate: 12″H X 4″Pot