Achieve an elegant presentation for your products or gifts with the White Rigid gift Box Round. Featuring a sturdy, tamper-proof construction, this box will safely store and securely protect your precious items. Round in shape, this box is ideal for packaging food, cosmetics, clothing, and other items with a luxurious finish. Moreover, it is a great choice to give surprises and gifts to the ones you love. It is easy to customize. You can customize and embellish it with ribbon, labels, and other decorative touches to make it your own.

Features of White Rigid Gift Box Round

This White Rigid Gift Box Round has great features to showcase your products. The round box is 9” in diameter and 3 3/4″ deep, offering plenty of space for your items. It is made from a sturdy lamination of rigid material and scored for easy assembly, making it a great choice for any packaging project. The box lid and body are white in color. The slim and sleek finish of the edges gives it a luxurious look.


The White Rigid Box Round is suitable for a wide variety of products and gifts. The following are some of the uses:

  • Due to its shape and size, it is ideal for packaging cosmetics, jewelry, and other round items, such as cake pops and energy balls.
  • It is also perfect for giving food-related gifts, such as cupcakes, cookies, or other pastries.
  • Additionally, the box is great for packaging items of clothing or other gifts, such as mugs or candles, with a touch of luxury.

Other Striking Features

Another striking feature of this White Rigid Box Round is its durability and re-usability. The box is sturdy enough to be used multiple times, making it a great choice for both personal and business use. Moreover, it is easy to customize and embellish with ribbons, labels and other decorative touches. Additionally, it helps to protect items from dust and other contaminants, maintaining product freshness and keeping your items securely packed.

Overall, this box is the perfect choice for showcasing your products in a luxurious, stylish way. It is an ideal choice for storing and securely protecting your precious items in a luxurious finish. So, don’t wait and get your White Rigid Gift Box Round today!

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