Yellow Dahlia Flowers – 60 Stems

Dahlias can be a great addition to any bouquet, garden, arrangements or even as a flower-gift given by itself. Yellow dahlia flowers can be bought in bulk or as single orders where you decide the different colors that you want. The great thing about dahlias is that they have ruffled leaves, much like the Zinnia, but there are distinct differences. For one, the zinnias come with disc-shaped insides, while the Dahlias are a bit different. The yellow dahlia flowers can be used in the same way as a rose, they can be placed in a bouquet to add a spark to an otherwise dull arrangement to make it pop. Brides are also using yellow dahlia flowers to create their bouquets, because of their similarities to other types of flowers.

Yellow dahlia flowers are great to have planted in your garden. You can get them from the middle of summer to early in the fall and they are categorized by their ball-shaped round bunch of petals, which opens into beautiful flowers. For each stem, you can get between three to five blooms, about twelve inches in height and approximately two inches wide. They are available in several different colors which include the regular colors plus bronze, dark red to black, bi-color, lavender and variegated. Their average vase life is up to seven days and they require a significant amount of water in order to make the buds bloom.

There are even more ways for you to use yellow dahlia flowers that were mentioned earlier, but whatever your choice, you can be sure that they will look great. They are one of the easiest flowers to care for once you plant it into the ground. You have the option of ordering your yellow dahlia flowers before you need them to ensure that they are delivered on time.