Yellow Garden Roses – 20 Stems

One of the most popular roses to ever grace the earth is the yellow garden roses. Known as a great way to inject a little sunshine into someone’s day, these roses are considered great for showing someone you love them. This can vary from platonic love to hot romance. A bouquet of yellow roses can say a lot to your significant other but will also say “I love you,” to your mom, sibling, or anyone else you care to show some love.

All garden roses are sold as bulk flowers, based on their availability and are seasonal, but they can be preserved for later use. They are available in spray roses, standard roses, special roses, and garden roses. For spray roses, you can get three to five blooms per stem, for standard roses one bloom per stem. Special and garden roses come with only one bloom per stem.

The delicate yellow garden roses are great for any romantic endeavor you have planned, as well as to show condolences. In the same way that other roses are used for weddings. Rose petals are all the rage, so use some in decoration to add a romantic splash of color.