Yellow Gerbera Daisy

There are several different meanings attributed with Yellow Gerbera Daisy. In particular, they convey feelings of happiness, while the meaning for Egyptians is one of nature and a love for the sun. For the Celts, their understanding is that this plant will reduce stress and sorrows in their lives. The gerbera plant throughout historic times has been linked to happiness, gratefulness, and innocence. The yellow gerbera daisy depicts a celebration of energy and playfulness which can be expected from the bold yellow of their colors. To be in possession of this flower means you can add that playfulness and sunshine to an otherwise dull garden area and bring it to life in a way that other colors would not be able to.

Enjoy Gerbera Daisy

These flowers are susceptible to a variety of diseases, this especially when the plants are young. It is therefore important that you take special precautions when caring for your yellow gerbera plant. These plants are best grown in the sunlight and into sandy soil if you want to add them in a gift basket. Compost can be added to the soil to enhance growth. Proper spacing is necessary for healthy, unencumbered growth. Be careful that you do not drown the plants with too much water. An inadequate PH balance as this can result in root rot. These flowers will not survive in extreme heat, so keeping them cool will keep them alive longer.

You can choose to buy your gerbera daisies wholesale to get even more to work with. Give your yellow gerbera daisies adequate water and prune away dead leaves and dried out foliage to prevent them from deteriorating rapidly or succumbing to diseases. Keep the daisies away from pets, ensure that they have proper drainage and follow the instructions. In doing so you can prepare to see your beautiful flowers blooming year after year.