Yucca Indoor Plant – low maintenance

The Yucca indoor plant, known also as the Spanish Dagger, is a perennial ball-shaped shrub that hails from Mexico and Central America. It’s a low maintenance plant and its sheer beauty makes it one of the best indoor plants there are.

There are many different Yucca species so you must expect that the colors of the sword-shaped leaves will differ. They can be green, cream, yellow and white and they grow on woody stems.

Care of the Yucca plant:

  • Yucca plants are used to growing in the heat and sun so they enjoy the sunshine. They are native to dry, sunny climates, and as indoor plants, they want their place in the sun. In fact, they will love unfiltered sunlight for part of the time.
  • Yuccas prefer fast-draining soil, and if you’re wondering where to find good soil, most nurseries or garden stores will sell soil suited to the Yucca. Yucca indoor plant as a houseplant can grow to up to 30 feet and the perfect conditions will see it getting white or cream flowers.
  • Yucca’s indoor plant can be watered well once in two weeks. You must allow the soil to dry out before you water again. Root rot will be your lot with this plant if you over water it. Remember that it is indigenous to arid regions where there is very little rain.
  • You can fertilize your Yucca during its growing time with liquid fertilizer and adhere to the instructions on the label.
  • The Yucca is a slow-growing plant but even so, at some time or another, it will become too heavy for its pot. Then it will be time to report. Use completely new soil in the new pot.

Where to buy a  plant?

Yucca indoor plant is also great for outdoors and, making excellent container plants. The key to their success comes from choosing a plant that has had a good start. At Toronto Bulk Flowers, our plants are lovingly nurtured till they are ready to be shipped to your door.  Whether you are looking for plants for office or home, we are your one-stop-shop.

10 inch Pot, 3 Cane, 4 to 5 Feet Tall.