Red Carnation symbolizes sentiments of unyielding affection. The dark tone expresses deep love and admiration with its warm glow. The ruffled appearance and the subtle scent have been a component of most fall arrangements. Red Carnation flowers are suggestive of an aching heart and strong approbation. The radiant hue adds a bold statement to decoration in any setting. It can perk up an otherwise plain and simple surrounding.

These delicate and delightful blooms are enough on their own to make an elegant bouquet. You will notice them adorn simple vases without much help from other floral additions. The congested cabbage-like flower heads can successfully occupy the centerpiece on any occasion. However, combined with fall greens and other perennial herbs, Red Carnation flowers make stunning arrangements. Small to medium vases in plain colors, are ideal to pair up with red carnations.

They are a popular choice for Mother’s Day signifying unpretentious love and affection for mothers. They are also officially used as the first wedding anniversary flowers as a tradition. They have been an important part of floral arrangements since old times. This flower of love is one of the oldest flowers that have been cultivated for centuries.

Red Carnation is a popular alternative to roses. This alteration is based on many reasons, the topmost being the fact that carnations last for a fairly long time even after they are cut off their plants. This period can be prolonged to several weeks with proper care. A healthy bunch of carnations can last up to three weeks in distilled water that is changed on alternate days. Just keep it away from direct sunlight or other sources of heat at normal temperature as that would facilitate ample water absorption for these beautiful blooms.

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