It’s now officially the wedding season! Now, it may be difficult to properly celebrate your wedding, and some of you may have had to accommodate the social distancing guidelines. However, romance is still alive! Because of the ongoing circumstances, you may have had to compromise the date of your wedding or the size of it, but you may still have your wedding. You can still have a great wedding at home or a smaller hall, but one thing is for sure, you can still have loads of fun in the decorating process! You can surely still have fun picking out the absolute perfect romantic wedding flowers!

Aside from other decors like candles, plates, and such, a vital part of your wedding is picking the perfect flowers. The romance between you and your significant other does not have to be gloomy because of the circumstances, and it is still possible for you to have the perfect romantic wedding flowers for your dream wedding. Yes, it can still be a dream wedding despite the situation!

What flowers are the most romantic?

There are many flowers which are not only beautiful but very romantic. However, there are a few flowers whose name just screams romance. The most romantic flowers that you can use on your big day are:

  1. Roses obviously! They are the perfect flower for any and all occasions, and being for a wedding makes them all the more magical. The best colors to use would be the classic and timeless colors of red and white. Pure magic!
  2. Carnations are beautiful! They are the perfect blend of sophistication and modern and they will be a perfect fit at every wedding.
  3. Tulips! Tulips may seem a bit unconventional and uncommon for a wedding, but they are a symbol of love. Steer away from white ones, as those ones are meant to apologize with.
  4. Lilacs! If you utilize magenta lilacs, it symbolizes a stronger form of love.
  5. Orchids! They are delicate and elegant and amazing flowers which should be more common!
  6. Daisies! Daisies are dainty flowers that deserve to make an appearance at your wedding as they are a symbol of affection.
  7. Camellia! These flowers sound uncommon, but they resemble roses, and best of all, they represent faithfulness and longevity, the exact things you want on your special day.

What are traditional wedding flowers?

Traditional wedding flowers are those that are commonly used in weddings. They are great and timeless choices, nonetheless, but they are very classic flowers that are present at almost every wedding. The most common flower choices for weddings are roses, tulips, calla lilies, lilies of the valley, hydrangeas, peonies, ranunculuses, stephanotises, sweet peas, and gardenias. These are choices of flowers which have been proved time and time again to be great additions to a wedding and could be the centerpiece of a wonderful wedding.

Which are some non-traditional ideas for wedding bouquets?

Although roses are classic, they are incredibly common and may not be a fit for a bride or groom who wishes to be different and distinguish themselves from others. So, if you would choose to pick an unconventional and unique idea for your bouquet, which is still perfect for a wedding, stick around.

There are some cool things you can substitute in your bouquet to stand in for wedding bouquets rather than the overused rose and gardenias. You can have leaves instead such as big banana leaves and other vines. Also, you can create geometric shapes to your bouquet with 3-d origami shapes like diamonds or shapes similar to a spinning top. A great idea would be to include your beloved family pets, such as your puppy, as a substitute for a bouquet.

The best thing you can do is add something that you and your significant other enjoy doing together in your bouquet. For example, if you like to go to the beach together, you can add in seashells or if you like to have intimate dinners, you can add candles (unlit of course!) in your bouquet in the absence of flowers. You can put you and significant others’ favorite foods as well! Also, you can add berry vines, grapevines, or even vegetables such as radishes and carrots can be added. You can also use other non-traditional materials such as cotton, feathers, porcelain flowers, and fabric.

Is there delivery available?

Because of the ongoing circumstances in the world, most flower places are open to delivery or some other form or option to pick up your orders. For example, here at Toronto Bulk Flowers, we deliver as well. We also offer something which we like to call curbside pickup. You can check with the flower and/or bouquet service you are ordering from beforehand. This will help you to avoid any problems on your big day.

Where can I incorporate my romantic wedding flowers?

You can incorporate them in a multitude of ways. Also, you can use them in a backdrop, as a flower arch. Try hanging from the ceiling, part of your wedding bouquet, as a centerpiece, and much more. You can also use a gift basket as a thank you gift as the centerpiece for your tables. You can do this by using a floral bouquet or an edible floral bouquet, which would be made of fruit. They would be a great addition as well that all of your guests would appreciate it.