The origin of the tradition of rose petals on bed is a romantic one, which many have tried and perfected over the years. It is chronicled in history that before the wealthy Romans make love, they would carpet their quarters with petals. This created a soft and fragrant bed on which they would culminate the romantic act. Their skins would get perfume from the heat of their bodies crushing the petals together. In the olden days, roses would only bloom for the weeks following late spring to the early summer months. This is the only time that was appropriate for this type of romance.

In modern times, it is very romantic to use rose petals on bed, but the difference is that rose variety is available throughout the year, so it is not as restricting. Many lovers indulge in these luxuries in a bed to woo their partners or to have a romantic tryst.  On many different occasions rose petals on bed is used to make a tradition. The rose petals are spread on the bed as an ornate decoration. If you are interested in creating an atmosphere of romance and love with rose petals on bed you can buy rose petals. In addition to using rose petals on bed, you can also find other creative ideas to get your loved one’s attention.

Why should I choose rose petals?

Spreading rose petals in a trail to your bed is not only romantic; it is also beautiful and fragrant. Your significant other will love the way you use the petals to spell out words or even make a heart. It is one of the most popular ways for couples to make proposals, celebrate anniversaries or even just enjoy the love that comes with Valentine’s Day. You can buy rose petals and use them to do whatever you think your significant other would like. Be creative and if you do not have that level of creativity, then do simple research. Others have gone that route and can share ideas on the internet.

How do I secretly use rose petals for Valentines?

If you wish to discretely use rose petals without someone coming in and ruining your surprise you would have to choose an area that is without much traffic. For example, a room that is mostly closed, or one that is in an area where not much people go. Keep the door closed while you decorate. Additionally, ensure that none falls to the ground at the risk of being discovered. You would have to enlist the help of another person, as it may be difficult to do it and cover your tracks effectively. It is not such a difficult task and the element of surprise makes it worth your while.

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Other ways

There is a variety of ways to use rose petals for Valentine’s Day. You can use rose petals in a vase with candles for a beautiful centerpiece. These can also be used on a birthday cake, or even with chocolates to set the mood for your Valentine’s Day. You can buy rose petals and use them with whatever else you wish, to really make the day extra special. Women love settings with rose petals, but that does not mean that men do not. In the same way that a woman can create a setting, a man can do so too. What makes it memorable is the care, thought and time that is put into the preparation of the surprise.

Whatever your choice is for the romantic setting you wish to create, whatever message you are trying to convey with rose petals will be greatly appreciated as you are both going to enjoy it.

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