Getting flowers for your boss is a little tricky decision to make because this is your BOSS you are giving flowers to, the person responsible for your promotion, incentives, bonus, and appreciation. You would always want to make your boss happy no matter what and flowers are something which is adored by everyone. So when you buy flowers, everything matters; colors, types, gift container, and the presentation. You can find a wide variety of flowers on a wholesale florist.

Flowers are a universal gift that is enjoyed by everyone, and with the National Boss Day approaching, all the employees are getting crazy to get the ideal gift for their boss. Flowers are the first and foremost choice to be given as a gift to your boss without having any second thought.

As the fall season is invading the office space and making it rather dull, flowers are something that can help you to dress up any professional area while adding life and color to the workspace. Giving flowers to your boss will make him/her feel appreciated for their hard work and these gorgeous flowers will make them feel fresh to spend their time inside their office room and closed windows.

Express your gratitude

A boss is a good leader who always guides you, teaches you and takes you through any kind of situation. To express your gratitude towards your boss, giving him/her fresh flowers are an exceptional and perfect gift for any of occasion such as your boss’ birthday, promotion, or for saying thanks for any gesture.

With National Boss Day coming on October 16th in Canada, every florist Toronto is offering special flowers for your boss. Flowers come in numerous shapes and sizes, so you can easily pick some which suit your boss’ preferences and personality.

How to choose flowers for your boss?

The important thing that needs to be considered while sending flowers to your boss is the occasion. If you are planning to get a bouquet as a birthday present, you can choose flowers which gives them a joyful feel. Colors which are bright works best for a birthday, such as yellow, pink and orange are always the winners because they are considered happy colors.

Also, take into account the size of the bouquet you are giving according to the suitable place in your boss’s office. Consider how much space is there in the office and what size of bouquet would fit to fill up an empty vase or an empty corner.

How to choose flowers for a specific occasion?

Sunflowers and gerbera daisies are specifically perfect for the boss’ birthday. You can add something other than flowers. Options include a birthday-themed balloon, chocolates, perfume or anything extra which you know they will enjoy.

You can choose flowers to send warm wishes to your boss for other occasions. It can be any achievement like promotion, new baby, losing a loved one, anniversary or National Boss’s Day. Remember that you need to get colors which are sober and pleasing. Daffodils, sunflowers and orchid lily or tiger lily would be recommended choices.

Which flowers to give to a male and female boss?

Even if not for your boss, we know that flowers for male and female vary in different ways. If you have a female boss, then you should go for pastels. On the other hand, males prefer to get strong and bold colors – so goes their preference for flowers. You can always add something extra to your bouquet to give a distinctive appearance. You can try a bubbly bottle, greeting card or a house décor item, only if you think your boss is going to like it.

Which flowers should I avoid while giving to your boss?

Red roses are the only flowers that you should avoided while giving to your boss as they send a romantic message. Red color symbolizes love, passion, and romance. You obviously wouldn’t want to give the wrong impression to your boss and other co-workers. However, if you are married to or dating your boss, then a red bouquet can be considered as an option. Otherwise, it will be considered completely out of line.

What are the suitable colors of flowers for your boss?

Every flower has its own symbolic meaning. If you send flowers to someone you don’t have to say anything to tell the reason for sending flowers, because colors say it all.

While sending flowers to your boss you need to consider the colors available at the local florist. Try to avoid red and bright pink color roses . It is an appropriate color if your boss is getting married, then you can show your warm wishes. You would never go wrong with roses of yellow color as your boss’s birthday gift – as it is an impeccable platonic flower gift.

If your boss is retiring, then orange and white flowers speak of your gratitude, enthusiasm, and appreciation. Purple roses are linked with remembrance and the new life which makes them a perfect gift for your boss if he/she recently had a baby. If your boss has lost someone dear recently, then a bouquet of white roses is ideal for representing your sympathies.

Which theme to go with for National Boss Day?

National Boss Day comes in the fall season; fall colors are the most earthy yellow, green and orange color in flowers. These will make great options for your gift on the National Boss’s Day. Just like everyone else, your boss would also love the fall color scheme. The number of stunning flowers capturing the perfect essence are the right choice.

Sunflowers and orange roses perfectly go with the fall floral theme; this arrangement goes well with the fall décor and brightens up the room while communicating warmth and peace. It is for sure that any employer would love this type of colorful bouquet.

With this floral guide, you are all set to dazzle your boss with flowers.