Spray Chrysanthemums are a beautiful flower which is attributed to different meanings across the globe. These are well-loved because of their brightness and long-lasting blossoms. These are very much related to daisies and asters. These flowers start blooming from spring, and it also depends on how they are planted.

This flower gets its name from Greek words for gold flower. It is also used for making medicines. There is a wide variety of looks and beautiful colors of this flower that are available readily. Chrysanthemum signifies the expression of sympathy. In Asia, it indicates life and rebirth; it is considered a great gift on birthdays and baby showers. For instance, receiving from someone else is a symbol of love. It represents happiness, love, and joy.

What are spray chrysanthemums?

Spray Chrysanthemums come with multi-headed varieties. The best way to tie these spray flowers is to bind each shoot that usually emerges from the leaf axels. It gives better quality results. These flowers should be sprayed regularly with a spray to keep them fresh for long.

Where can spray chrysanthemums be used?

Mums are a long-lasting flower variety and are largely used as filler flowers. The beautiful collection of these spray flowers are traditionally used at funerals for paying tribute. Arctic queen and Euro are the best examples of this flower category.

Spray Chrysanthemums enrich and bring color into your home. They can be used on baby showers or to congratulate someone on a new baby. As filler flowers, they can be used in any bouquet. It is one of the most commonly used cut flowers that are specially used for bouquets.

What do Chrysanthemums symbolize?

Chrysanthemum is an amazing bedding plant which can be purchased from bulk florist to be used in multiple landscaping projects at homes and businesses. Chrysanthemum holds multiple meanings for different periods and cultures, for instance:

  • For Victorians, it symbolizes friendship and well-wishing.
  • In Buddhist culture, it symbolizes power and energy.
  • For Chinese people, it symbolizes a long life as well as good luck.
  • In Australia, these flowers are considered as the official flowers for Mother’s Day.
  • In Belgium, these flowers are used as a memorial flower to loved ones.

Apart from these regional contexts, this flower is of great importance and is universally used for other concepts as it generally symbolizes:

  • Friendship and affection
  • Cheerfulness and good spirits
  • Persistent life and rebirth
  • Loyalty and devotion

What are the typical colors of Chrysanthemums?

This flower is preferred because comparatively, it requires low maintenance and multiple steps can be taken to promote abundant flowering. If you search for spray mums near me, you will find it available in different colors and will help you make sound choices about the arrangements you are going to create with them.

Here is the list of some common colors of this popular flower:

  • Red:

They are available in deep red color. This color appears in the early season, and it can be highly aromatic. These are double blossoms which have a round shape and can be used as cut flowers.

  • Yellow and white:

These flowers also come in yellow and white colors. These have two tones with reddish tips on the yellow petals and white flowers with beautiful petals that can easily twist and curl.

  • Pink and purple:

Pink and Purple chrysanthemums offer a lovely color contrast.

An assorted bouquet from florist Richmond hill containing chrysanthemums of various colors looking absolutely adorable.

What are the care instructions for these spray chrysanthemums?

The very first thing is that plants need different conditions depending on the type of flower or plant. Here are some special care instructions for these flowers:

  • Place it in water:

If you are receiving these flowers as a gift, then it is essential to place your flowers in water as quickly as possible. Just remove the packaging and put them in freshwater.

  • Remove shrubbery:

Secondly, it is imperative to remove the foliage that falls below the waterline. It usually causes bacteria and shortens the life of flowers. You can remove it using sharp scissors.

  • Stems:

It is good to cut stems at an angle of about an inch for longer life. It will allow a larger surface area for water absorption, and will also prevent the end of stems from getting damaged.

What season is best for getting natural chrysanthemums?

November is the month for natural chrysanthemums. In many countries, few flowers bloom in November. Many people think that this is the mum season and numerous mums bloom throughout this growing season.

These flowers encourage you to keep on believing in dreams. Chrysanthemum is a great way of bonding with people you care about; it will remind you of the beauties of life with optimism.

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