Summer weddings can be made even more alluring with awesome and latest wedding centerpiece ideas. You can opt to follow the latest trends or go for some contemporary ideas to make your wedding unique. There are countless flower options available in Toronto, so you can play around with colors and patterns.

Question: How can I save money on wedding centerpieces?

Answer: If you have a limited budget for your wedding and cannot afford to (or do not want to) hire a professional florist, there is always an option to go for homemade wedding centerpieces. Of course, wedding centerpieces DIY will take more time and effort, but the end result will definitely pay off very well.

If you are deciding to make your own wedding centerpieces, be prepared to allocate sufficient time and start working well in advance because the finishing touches and creating a uniform look might take longer than you think.

Purchase all your wedding flowers in packages like centerpieces packages, bridal bouquet packages, and of course floral supplies.

Question: How can I make my centerpieces and floral decoration unique?

Answer: Uniqueness can be achieved by altering and tweaking existing ideas. If you can spare a lot of budget on floral decorations, you can hire a professional florist for this purpose. Alternately, contact your local florist and tell them what you are looking for and they will be happy to assist you.

If you want to have unique wedding centerpieces, you can look through our online catalog for available wedding centerpiece ideas and we will be happy to alter them for you according to your budget, taste, and preferences.

Question: How can I reduce my expense for floral centerpieces?

Answer: There is a great way of cutting down your floral decoration expense; you can get wedding centerpiece rentals from us and we will find great ways of putting those flowers to good use.

Another great way of reducing the amount of money you are going to spend on floral centerpieces is to use other decoration items like hanging vines, fillers, fruits, wreaths, and similar things. You can also use pretty petals arrangement to fill the gaps.

You can also build your decoration theme with other cost-effective alternative decorations like balloons, lanterns, and fabrics. Be sure to keep the whole theme uniform so that it does not look like segregated ideas jotted together.

Question: What are the popular summer wedding colors for 2019?

Answer: There are a lot of summer wedding colors that are popular nowadays. Summer sky gives a cooling effect while peach will give a subtle look to the whole celebration. Any shade of purple will highlight the festive aura. Fuchsia and aqua are also becoming popular choices for weddings this season. You can also play around with various shades of blue.

Question: Where should I buy the centerpieces for my wedding in Toronto?

Answer: If you are looking for your options of where to buy wedding centerpieces Toronto, we can show a wide range of centerpieces that are not only eye-catching but also affordable. Always feel free to call us and we will tell you a range of options that will suit your budget and style.

A lot depends on the venue you choose for your wedding. Some centerpieces cover the whole venue, while others are more suitable for outdoor wedding plans. Be sure to tell your florist about your preferences, so that they can custom design your floral arrangements.