No matter you want rose bouquets or ranunculus in your wedding centerpieces, the fact is that when flowers are used in large numbers, they are expensive and you need to know the average cost of wedding flowers. You have to estimate the budget and average cost of wedding flowers if you want flowers to play a significant role in your wedding reception or ceremony.

The cost of wedding flowers depends mostly upon factors such as the venue and the season. For instance, if hydrangeas and honeworts are in season then they are cheaper for you to buy. We have gathered some important insight that you might want to know to plan your budget for floral decoration on your wedding:

How much budget should be allocated for wedding flowers?

To pay for the wedding blooms, generally, couples allot 10 percent of their total wedding budget. While setting your budget, you first have to know what type of wedding flowers and what other things you want for your wedding to see what is affordable for you.

With a little extra planning, you can reduce the cost of flowers at your wedding. Such as, if you know what type of flowers you want for the wedding and knowing that they won’t be available at the wedding florists, you can make advance bookings or look for deals on the floral arrangements.

What is the cost of wedding blossoms?

The average cost of wedding flowers – blossoms depends on the size of the venue where you are getting married, the number of guests invited, and the size of the party. Every table and bouquet makes a substantial increase in the total cost. For instance, if you are having more bridesmaids, it means more bouquets for them, and similarly, more tables mean more centerpieces for each one of them.

If you have a small budget for your wedding flowers, it helps you to estimate the average cost of every arrangement and revise the plan as per your budget. The cost of a bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres, reception flowers, wrist corsages, altar, pin-on corsages, head and guest table centerpieces, altar decoration, flower girls petals, and cake flowers varies as per the availability and their quantity.

Why some of the wedding flowers are very expensive?

There are many reasons why some of the flower arrangements are more expensive. If the flowers are exotic or not in the season, they will definitely be expensive. It also counts whether you are including the greenery or just flowers. The price of wedding flowers changes as demand changes.

Wholesale flowers should also be kept in mind while estimating the cost of a final arrangement because the price per stem varies. For instance, the wholesaler might charge $7.50 for white peonies, $8 per long-stemmed lilies and $5 for ivory hydrangeas.

What are the cheapest flowers for the wedding?

These days, the most popular wedding flowers are the most affordable as well. The less expensive wedding flowers are less exotic and are largely being used to imitate the look of some costly options. For instance, an experienced florist would suggest using a group of wedding flowers Toronto for copying the look of peony.

The popular affordable flowers would be candy-cane carnation costing an average wholesale price of $1.60 per stem, $2.00 for the white roses, a baby’s breath wholesale amount would cost $1.50 each bunch, and $4 per stem for the white oriental lilies.

How can you go innovative with your wedding flowers?

You can be innovative with the floral wedding decoration and savvy at the same time. You can do this by opting for volume. Choose full petal flowers that will look bigger and consume more space than smaller blooms. Stick to a few types of flowers that are easily available. So, your florist doesn’t have to get them in bulk from somewhere else.

You can also add lighting and other décor options with the floral arrangement. It will make it look gorgeous and more romantic. Similarly, you can avoid over-budgeting by re-using the ceremony flowers at your reception. If you want to go for an elegant look, you can select a landscape that is naturally beautiful. Use innovative ideas to make it look perfect with a collection of seasonal flowers available for the décor.

What factors affect the cost of wedding flowers?

With all other expenditures for the wedding, the cost of wedding flowers can quickly go out of control. Having high budgets for wedding floral decoration is not a norm; so, most people take into consideration the following factors to make a suitable plan and get their cost to a more reasonable level.

  • Type of flower

The use of greenery and flowers within your budget to fill around some expensive stems of the bouquet will cut down the cost. The use of popular varieties that have a symbolic meaning should be replaced with cheaper alternatives to save money.

  • Wedding season

Choosing seasonal flowers for your wedding decoration will ensure that the florist has plenty on hand without the need to place a special order. Local floral suppliers can also get you seasonal flowers easily and tell you the average cost of wedding flowers beforehand.

  • Size of wedding ceremony

Having more guests for your wedding means the need to make a bigger arrangement and more bouquets, table centerpieces, and corsage.

  • Guest tables

Inviting more guests means you have to expand your budget. To accommodate those guests you need to have more tables and more centerpieces for each table. Try to use innovative ways of guest seating to cut down the floral décor required for each table.

How can you go saving mode for your wedding flowers?

The price of wedding flowers have various influences over it, these changes are normal. People do spend a handsome amount on their wedding floral arrangement; but, obviously, all the couples can’t break their savings to have a beautiful flower décor.

While using the different cost-saving tips to reduce the average cost of wedding flowers, couples can decrease the total cost of flowers while creating an outstanding atmosphere for their wedding.