The meaning of calla lily comes from the Greek word, “calla”, and the word calla means beauty. However, purity, holiness, and faith are the most common attributes of this flower. They belong to the genus Zantedeschia beside caladium and philodendron. They are also a member of the Araceae family. The Swedish botanist mistakenly gave the name to this plant when he was naming the species.

The calla lily plant has extraordinary strength and is native to Southern Africa, so it requires warm temperatures and adequate water. These plants produce flowers that are beautiful and stunning in appearance and can even survive in ice and grow in water. The flowers usually blossom in spring and grow in a variety of colors such as yellow, pink, green, purple, orange, black, and white. However, white is the most common one among these.

The Symbolism and Meaning of calla lily

The historical meaning of calla lily has been related to the Greek goddess Hera. This plant was given this name because of its incredible appearance and beauty. Whether designated surprisingly or mistakenly, this name really suits the nature of this flower because of its hearty in shape. The hardness and flexibility is another meaning of this flower because it lives near the environment that provides a great amount of humidity.

Calla lily can be used as a symbol of fertility and plenty because they grow from rhizomes that reproduce self-sufficiently. The Romans, because of the pistils of this flower, contemplated this as a powerful phallic symbol. These flowers are also symbols for rebirth and restoration. In addition to that, it symbolizes the beauty of the love of a couple. Additionally, it is known as the sixth wedding anniversary flower.

Different colors of Calla lily and their symbols

This flower comes in a variety of colors. It is important to note that different color have different symbols and meaning of calla lily. Here we describe the flowers with their symbols:

  • The flower with white color is the symbol of purity and innocence.
  • The yellow colored one is a symbol of gratitude.
  • Appreciation and romance symbolize the pink color.
  • Calla lily of purple color is the symbol of royalty and admiration.
  • The black color is a symbol of elegance and mystery.
  • The symbol of beauty and courage is the flower with red color.

Are you thinking about where you can use white calla lilies?

Particularly in every tradition, the white color represents purity, grace and respectability. It is the same in the case of white calla lilies that are the most beautiful flowers on the entire planet. You can give them to your loved ones on the funerals to express your intimate feelings. In this way, you can tell them how much you love and care for them. They connote good intentions and purity of your heart. When used on funerals, these flowers show your wishes for the departed soul to move to its next page to regain its purity and innocence.

Other than this, you can even present the white call lilies to a newly married couple on their wedding. Indeed, it is a way of giving them that your love is pure and genuine for their passionate journey ahead. Are you thinking of how you can give this to the married couple? Add the white calla lilies in bouquet looks quite elegant that represents the marital bliss and entirely appropriate for a classy wedding.

Do the purple calla lilies only represent admiration?

If you think that purple calla lilies can only be used to represent admiration, then you are wrong. These beautiful flowers can also use as a symbol of charm and passion. Are you bored with the white calla lilies? Add some purple calla lilies in a wedding bouquet that shows your beautiful expression and love for them.

In a nutshell, you can give these beautiful flowers to your partner and to anyone whom you love. Purple calla lilies get a lot of good reviews and make this a perfect flower and make a beautiful addition to any gift.

Apart from using as a wedding gift for your loved ones, you can use them for decor purposes. The purple calla lilies can also be used to make your decoration simple, elegant and classy.

Is gratitude the meaning of calla lily yellow?

Yes, the yellow calla lilies are the perfect idea when you want to express your gratitude and showing someone the token of your esteem. These super lovely yellow flowers are quite striking in their appearance. They convey your appreciation for another person or to represent respect and acknowledgment. In case you are wondering how you can use them, we are here to help you out.

You can use them in a bouquet with the full of yellow Callas. Other than that, if you want to be more cost-effective, add them in a pretty vase. To try out something different, use beautiful yellow Callas with other blooms that complement their color and enhance the style.

Are you looking for calla lilies to depict appreciation and love?

If you want to represent your love, appreciation and romance then you don’t need to go anywhere. Indeed, pink calla lilies are the perfect flowers to depict your love, along with your heartfelt emotions.

Do you want to appreciate your teachers for all their hard work? Then these beautiful flowers are a great gift you can give them to appreciate them. You can give the exceptional bouquet of these pink flowers to your partner to show your love and admiration at the beginning of a new relationship.

Are black calla lilies a symbol of mystery?

The dark purple or almost black calla lilies might be the best flowers when you want to portray the message of mystery to someone.

Calla lilies, undoubtedly, are one of the most magnificent flowers ever that exist and considered as a multi-faceted because of the variety of colors. This exceptional flower should be given to an extraordinary person, which means your loved ones. If you agree with us and also you are a big admirer of calla lilies, you can order them from Toronto Bulk Flowers.

Brighten up your occasions and also your living areas with the beauty and fragrance of these flowers. You can also add them to your decorations to bling up your event with the beauty of these flowers. You can use them according to the meaning of calla lilies, but there is no hard and fast rule to follow.