The bright and colorful sunflower originated in North America but is today commercialized all around the world. Sunflowers get their name from the Greek words helios, so meanings of sunflower are related to sun and anthos which means flower. So, they naturally turn to face the sun. Helianthus, the scientific name of the flower, comprises about 70 species of which can grow anywhere from 6 to 10 feet tall.

Sunflower is the perfect flower for any and all occasions, as it is a flower that is more casual. The bright colors that sunflowers range in such as copper, orange, and yellow can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Each flower is unique because sunflowers come in all shapes and sizes, so it isn’t a problem if someone would like a sunflower that is 10 feet tall!

The symbols that sunflowers represent

A sunflower harbors different connotations from around the world and has various meanings of sunflower. In the ancient Inca Empire, the natives worshipped the sunflower, seeing it as a form of their Sun God. Incan priestesses wore gold sunflower discs on their clothing while Native American Indians placed sunflower seeds on the graves of their dead. In this sense, sunflowers symbolize worship and faithfulness in some religions.

Moreover, sunflowers were not just popular in ancient times; they made a resurgence in the Impressionist era of art, which was seemingly fascinated with sunflowers. The simplistic beauty of sunflowers captivated some of the greatest artists, including the one and only, Vincent Van Gogh. He was so inspired by them that he painted the Sunflower series which was dedicated to this beautiful flower. Other artists have also used sunflowers as inspiration, and not all of them are painters. Other influential figures such as Helen Keller and Jean Paul used sunflowers to spread positive words of encouragement.

Ancient inspirations for this flower

Sunflowers have not only inspired paintings and quotes but great stories as well. The name of sunflowers came from Greek culture, where the sunflowers take their name from the tragic love story of Apollo and Clytie. The myth states that Clytie loved Apollo and Apollo loved her until he fell in love with Leucothoe. Heartbroken, Clytie told Apollo’s father who buried Apollo’s second love alive. Out of anger, Apollo turned Clytie into a flower and while condemned to a life in the ground, she always turned to the sun to watch Apollo as he crossed the sun in his chariot. This is the reason why people think that sunflowers turn to face the sun. To the Greeks, sunflowers represent adoration and loyalty. If you would like to express your adoration, you can turn to Toronto Bulk Flowers to provide you a beautiful bouquet that will leave all speechless.

Furthermore, sunflowers also appear in Chinese culture with a variety of new meanings. Giving someone a sunflower in China is a huge gesture and a kind one. This flower represents long life, good fortune, and vitality. On the other hand, Native Americans saw sunflowers as a symbol of harvest, bounty, and provision as they provided seeds, pigment, and more.

What are the meanings of sunflower based on different colors?

The bright and happy yellow color that we all associate with sunflower symbolizes concepts like vitality, intelligence, and, most of all happiness which many of us get by just looking at a sunflower! They can also symbolize faithfulness and worship in some religions and can be tied to a long life in other cultures.

The vibrant orange and red varieties of sunflowers can be used to represent positivity and strength. For the darker shades of sunflowers such as burgundy, brown, and copper, the sunflowers symbolize loyalty and support.

Sunflowers are so popular that they are actually the official state flower of Kansas, and the national flower of Russia.

Unsurprising colors and meanings of sunflowers

Sunflowers come in a variety of shades, although most of us have only seen the dazzling yellow shade. Since there are about 70 different species of sunflowers, there are many crazy and amazing new shades of sunflowers that you wouldn’t believe.

  1. Coconut Ice is a brilliant white shade of sunflower. The white color represents simplicity and sophistication.
  2. Strawberry Blonde is a beautiful mixture of white and pink hues. These colors together represent innocence, compassion, and love.
  3. Solar Flare combines the bright colors of red and yellow to create a stunning flower! These colors represent joy, strength, and positivity.
  4. Orange Sun is a flower that almost represents chrysanthemums with the many layers of petals they have. The color orange symbolizes enthusiasm and creativity.
  5. Ruby Moon offers an amazing blend of burgundy and white colors in one crazy flower! These colors represent elegance, power, and ambition.

Why are sunflowers a symbol of happiness?

Sunflowers are globally seen as a symbol of happiness, joy, and friendship. This is because many people choose to give them on joyous occasions. It is a custom to give sunflowers on the third wedding anniversary because the meanings of sunflower is also adoration, loyalty, and strength in a marriage. So, if you have a wedding anniversary coming up and you hope for all of these things in your marriage, you can turn to  Toronto Bulk Flowers for all of your sunflower needs! All of the flowers come in bulk which is great because no amount of flowers will ever be enough, right?!

You can also give sunflowers to friends to show them that you value and cherish their friendship. It is not necessary to give them on wedding anniversaries only, as you can gift them on friendship anniversaries. If your friend is not very interested in flowers, you can also gift them a fruit basket that is shaped into beautiful and delectable flowers. How cute is that?! If your friend has more of a sweet tooth, you can opt for a cherry treat that is dipped in rich Belgian chocolate. My mouth is watering already!