Fresh cut flowers and tall indoor plants are timeless accessories for decorating for any event. The celebrations become livelier with fresh colors and scents of fresh flowers. You can add a touch of nature and instantly change the feel of a space by only adding fresh flowers and indoor plants.

Tall plants and fresh cut flowers are an important part of modern décor in both formal and casual settings. However, short and tall indoor plants along with fresh flowers need particular care to keep them fresh and make them last for longer. Local indoor plants are easy to grow in any region as the plants tend to grow well in the native environment and climate more easily.

Here are a few tricks and hacks to help you take care of indoor plants and fresh cut flowers with least effort.


It is very essential to handle your flowers with care and keep them hydrated while delivering them. The flowers are transferred to water buckets right after picking and are delivered from different regions around the world to florist destinations in a controlled environment with optimal temperature, humidity, etc. Tall indoor plants also need to be transported with care so as to avoid any bending or breaking.

Whether you have purchased a floral bouquet or bunch of fresh flowers for a DIY floral project, keep it away from direct sunlight and other sources of direct heat. Avoid any contact with any fruits around and keep them in an open place with ample space around. This will keep your petals from bruises and allow proper circulation of air.

Keep the fresh cut flowers in a bucket of water preferably to keep them hydrated and erect. For large indoor plants, it is preferable to keep the soil a little moist to give them enough moisture; also place them close to a window so the indoor plant gets plenty of indirect sunlight.

Prepare the vessel

Choosing a suitable container is very important when you are going to decorate a space or occasion with fresh cut flowers or tall indoor plants. Ideally, use a tall container to display tall plants; otherwise, the tall stems are most likely going to bend in a short vase and eventually break. There is an extensive variety to buy plants online Toronto that can be easily placed in the corner of any room or office.

Similarly, flowers with short stems and scattered blooms should be flaunted in open-mouthed vessels. Single blooms like roses, lilies, and tulips look elegant in vases with narrow necks and even just a few flowers are enough to add life to space without much effort.

Also pay attention to the material, texture, and finishing of the container to put your fresh flowers and tall plants in. Experiment with a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to bring vitality and vibrancy in your décor.

Always wash your vases, pots, and vessels with hot water and a little dishwashing soap. In case, you just removed old flowers or plants from the container, add a little bleach while washing too. This will get rid of any bacteria or debris build up from the previous flowers. They can cause the new, fresh flowers to wilt and decay earlier, if not removed. Thoroughly rinse the vessel with hot water to remove traces of soap and bleach.

Follow the instructions by your florist

Different flowers and local indoor plants come from different origins and hence need different handling and care. Local varieties are easy to handle and adapt to the conditions without much fuss. Imported species usually come with a specific set of instructions for handling and display. Read the instruction manual carefully to avoid any damage to your flowers or plants, and to keep them fresh and blooming for longer.

Always use clean water, distilled or tap water as per the recommendation of your florist according to the variety you have purchased. Make sure to change water as and when advised.

Use of proper tools

Although you can always make use of knives and scissors around the house to trim and shear the cut flowers; yet it is better to get a pair of floral shears to do the job accurately and properly. Sharp floral shears help you cut the stems neatly without damaging the tissues transporting water through the stem. These tissues can be damaged and crushed from the blunt edges of a pair of scissors. This hinders proper water supply up to the blooms, resulting in quick wilting and drying out.

Also, make sure to cut the stems under running water. This will prevent any air lock to develop in the stem tissues that might hinder water supply. Cutting with a sharp tool like floral shears and cutting at a diagonal angle is very important. Cutting with blunt scissors or knife that is not sharp enough may result in damaging the transporting tissue, thus hindering proper water supply up to the blossoms. Ideally, leave an inch or two above the present end.

Due care must be taken while pruning indoor plants. Pruning and trimming according to natural growth is advised. Ideally, indoor plants should be cut near their growing season. Also, remember to remove any dead leaves. If you water indoor plants more than required or lesser than required, it will turn yellow and wither.

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