Unforgettable Floral Decoration For Your Tropical Weddings

If you aren’t tying the knot in paradise, you can incorporate some ideas for tropical weddings for a heavenly feeling. The location can be filled with exotic flowers such as orchids, hibiscus, banana leaves or lush green palms. The floral decoration arrangement from florist Etobicock can turn the wedding destination into an oasis. Flowers from a wholesale florist will add a tropical feel to your decoration with a unique touch of luxurious drama to your decoration.

You will definitely want to make your day of walking down the aisle in the wide-open sky memorable. With waves and natural background, the flowers will complement a seaside ceremony. Flowers can turn any event into a small paradise with their immense appeal. Here we answer all your questions about floral decoration on tropical weddings so that you can easily plan your wedding decoration with gorgeous flowers.

What types of bouquet go well with a tropical wedding?

Tropical bouquets have to be romantic; they can be made with native blooms, ferns, orchids, wild heart, ranunculus, and classic roses to get the perfect balance of tradition and exoticness. With the right balance of colors, it’s ok to have a small tropical bouquet.

Make sure that the wedding bouquet is as exotic as your location by adding some local flowers to it. Such as, King Portea can make any bridal bouquet as colorful as you want.

How to make a floral fountain for the tropical-themed wedding?

The lush hydrangea and cascading greenery can show a romantic overflowing fountain with much more eccentricity. At a tropical wedding, you can take this look to the next level of romance by adding some lily pads and floating candles to a small pool.

What type of unique floral backdrops can be used?

A floor to ceiling arrangement of mixed color blossoms and greenery gives the chance to capture some amazing photos. The urban contrast of floral backdrop for the garden chic blooms and crystal chandeliers are extensively idolized. For a tropical theme on the wedding, there are some ways to embrace the overall look by lining the ocean-front passage with bright baskets and native blossoms.

This placement can be enjoyed to the maximum extent while tying the knot with water as a backdrop. You can also incorporate the greenery in surrounding with flowers such as protea along with palm and banana leaves to the backdrop.

How to go for something unusual for a tropical wedding?

If you want to employ something unusual for the tropical floral arrangement, then kale is your choice. Yes, kale! It’s the superfood and is an amazingly unusual choice for your wedding bouquet. It beats the greens for the full foliage category when the central leaves of the deep purple hue act as their own accent color that can be pulled in the bouquet with flowers of the same color. Similarly, the blushing bride is soft and romantic and can be used as a tropical plant along with lilies and roses; it also adds a textured and edgy touch to a tropical arrangement.

Just because you chose this theme doesn’t mean that you are restricted to use tropical flowers; you can also use the traditional roses, no matter what the placement of your wedding is – roses always look beautiful. Pink passion, Silver Brunia, and Guava delight are some of the perfect tropical flowers that you can use in the ceremony.

How floral chandeliers work with tropical weddings theme?

You can be innovative as well as stylish with your wedding décor while arranging some stems upside down to transform the light fixtures to the outstanding chandeliers. Many flower-decorated chandeliers are decorated with wreaths for extra structure. A gracefully simple display of yellow and white flowers will be more impressive than you can think.

If you want an overwhelming floral installation and there is no space between the dance floor and table to put it, you can turn it upside down and hang it with the ceiling above the dance floor, bar area, or tables. You don’t have to sacrifice the floor space or tabletop; you can use the space the way you want and put a flower chandelier as well.

How to do something different with your table runners?

A chic ombre floral runner can turn the table to a complete swing of colors without having the arrangement looking chaotic. Use a neutral color tablecloth to accessorize the table, so there won’t be much going on. The beige or matte sequin material linen has both attractiveness and fun textures.

If you want to go with simple yet elegant tropical weddings ideas (and don’t want to have tropical tablecloths), printed runners can also be your choice with contrast colored flowers or petals on the top of it.

How to incorporate birds of paradise for wedding decor?

Birds of Paradise is one of the most loved tropical flowers; the best part is that it brings a dose of color anywhere you put them. You can make your cake with this theme, especially if you are going for a completely white cake. Bird of Paradise is considered the sole thing required to associate your event with a tropical theme. Use them in archways or tall centerpieces. This gives a dramatic flair to add texture and movement to your arrangement.

The bridesmaid can also hold these tailed Bird of Paradise bouquet while walking the bride down the aisle. These gorgeous flowers feature royal blue and orange colored petals from its center making them look like tropical birds. These flowers represent love and faithfulness.

Image by Manuel Alejandro Leon from Pixabay