Tulips bouquet are great for wedding celebrations since their cup-shaped unique look is preferred by wedding planners and the couple alike. We can hardly think of anyone who wouldn’t appreciate a beautiful bouquet of tulips.

What do tulips symbolize?

Tulips are seen as a symbol of happiness and freshness. These symbols make them appropriate for weddings as what will weddings be without happiness or freshness? Lend some fresh and vibrant colors to your wedding day with hand-picked fresh tulips. These flowers are also seen as a symbol of health and fertility, exactly what the couple needs as a blessing on their special event.

Pink tulips are a symbol of glee and merry. Purple tulips show royalness. White tulips are a sign of peace and forgiveness. Yellow ones are a mark of joyfulness. Red tulips meaning is that of deep and intense love. Though black colored tulips are not very common, yet they are a symbol of strength.

Where can I buy tulips near me?

Being one of the top favorite flowers for weddings, you do not need to fuss about where to buy tulips bouquet in Toronto as they are readily available at every local florist. Tulip bouquet weddings will render your wedding photographs lively.

Weddings can be very tricky to plan with a lot of things to worry about, so why not take one of those worries aside? Order your wedding flowers online from a Toronto wholesale flowers shop to cut down on your expense and worries. Tell your florist the preferred tulips bouquet delivery date. You will get fresh, hand-picked and carefully selected tulips at your venue on your selected date.

What color tulips are available?

Tulips are one of the universally appreciated flowers, and one of the prominent reason for their popularity is that they are available in a whole lot of colors. You can ask your florist for the tulip color according to your wedding theme.

That being said, widely ordered colors of tulips for wedding bouquets include white, pink, purple, orange, red, cream and yellow. If you are getting your wholesale flowers Toronto, we would suggest opting for assorted tulip bouquets to lend freshness and vitality to your big day.

An all-white bouquet of tulips is the ultimate classic that looks adorable with the bride’s white dress. Peonies and tulips also make a great combination for wedding bouquets. Roses and hydrangeas are also largely used in these bouquets.

How can tulips be used at weddings?

Tulips are versatile in nature. You can use them in wedding decor, bridal bouquet, groom’s boutonniere, bridesmaid bouquets, maid of honor bouquet, best man boutonniere and any other use you can find for them at the wedding. Tulips rejuvenate the whole atmosphere and make everyone feel welcome.

Whether its a small countryside wedding with just family members and few friends or you are all geared up for a very long guest list, tulips are suitable for all kinds of weddings. There are endless ways to arrange tulips creatively.

Another stunning way of using tulips in weddings is to order garlands of tulip. Certainly, their cup-shaped look complements the appearance with any filler or greens. With a single bloom on every stem, tulips are a perfect candidate for boutonnieres. Wholesale wedding flowers largely use tulips in many different ways.

Are tulips available in every season?

At most bulk flower outlets in Toronto, tulips are available throughout the year. You can avail for the convenience of ordering them online. Also, pop in at any wholesale flower shop in Toronto to select the colors of tulips that you want for the wedding.

Naturally, tulips are annual flowers, but if it’s not their natural growing season, florists can always recreate ideal conditions for blooming tulips. Get bright-colored tulips to bring a cheerful joy to your special day.

How to care for tulips?

Unlike many other flowers, tulips are not very delicate. Additionally, they have a thick stem that makes suitable for bouquets of all kinds. Tulips also possess another cool property that they continue to grow even after they are cut.

There are 3000 varieties of tulips. So, when you get particular tulips for your wedding, do not forget to ask the florist regarding any special care instructions. Mostly, when you order your wedding flowers, the florist will take care of everything. You will get them in ready-to-use condition.

Can I buy tulips online?

At Bulk Flowers Toronto, we have a huge collection of eye-catching bouquets of tulips. So, if you want any customized bouquet, we will be happy to accommodate your requirements. Browse through our gallery and order within a matter of minutes.

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