There are endless types of wedding flowers, and once you visit a local florist to finalize the choices for your big day, you will be utterly confused. It is natural to find it challenging to choose between flowers because all of them look so adorable that you might as well want to get all of them.

While the local flower shop owner wouldn’t mind when you order lots of different flowers, but it will result in a haphazard and unplanned floral arrangement. So it is essential to give considerable thought and time to know what you would like to your wedding venue to look like; once you have an idea of what you want, then you can discuss it with your florist and together you can finalize the details.

Popular types of wedding flowers

There is no limit to the kinds of flowers that can be chosen for the wedding. Budget, season, location, preferences, wedding theme and a whole lot of other factors come into play when types of flowers are being chosen for the wedding.

Beautiful roses are top of the list as no other flower can beat roses in their universal appeal and beauty. The most famous rose colors for wedding flowers are red, white and pink. You can also get orange, yellow, or assorted colored roses depending on the theme of your wedding.

You can choose any types of flowers that you like, or even go for a mixed floral arrangement. No one can deny the popularity of roses and tulips as the most frequently used wedding flowers. Lilies, especially Calla lilies, are also used all around the world in various cultures for wedding decorations.

Your choice is not limited to these flowers only. You can also opt for Gardenia or Ranunculus. Peonies also make a suitable choice, and so do hydrangeas. You can take a look online for any types of wedding flowers to see further options.

Wedding flowers ideas

If you browse the internet for DIY wedding arrangements, you will find inspiration for the decor of all complexity levels. Here are some incredible ideas that you can employ at your wedding for flower decoration:

  • Decorate the stage with hanging greenery and some flowers scattered in-between.
  • Purchase petals from bulk flower Toronto so that you can get plenty of petals at cheap rates.
  • Do not rely on floral decor only; mix other decor items like balloons, candles, and lanterns to enhance the look.
  • Opt for assorted flowers for a colorful and vibrant look.
  • Make a DIY flower wreath for decorating doors.
  • Check out easy DIY flower garland tutorials and blend in your creativity with those ideas.
  • Make or purchase flower crowns for flower girls, bridesmaid, and maid of honor.
  • Also, consider the option of spray flowers.

Wedding flowers bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquet holds central importance among all other types of wedding flowers categories. Eyes of all the guests will be on the bride to see what kind of bouquet she is carrying. While white wedding bouquet flowers are also prevalent, but the most common color for wedding bouquets is red.

Nowadays, brides choose all kinds of colors and flowers for their bouquets. Wedding planners and celebrity florists are bringing forth a new wave of revolution to make each bridal bouquet a masterpiece. Gone are the days when a bouquet of white and red roses made the bride happy; today’s brides want something that no one had ever had.

Types of flowers with pictures

Toronto Bulk Flowers offers reliable delivery of wedding flowers and all other kinds of flowers. However, since the customer is not able to see the flower, we have included high-quality pictures of all bouquets, flowers, corsages, boutonnieres, buds, petals and accessories so that the customer can see the details before ordering.

Rest assured, the quality of the delivered product will be better than the pictures since real flowers possess immense charm and beauty that images can never replicate. No matter which types of wedding flowers you choose, make sure to order from a reliable florist to avoid any mishaps on the big day.