It is not totally clear how Valentine’s day was originated, but Valentine’s Day 2019 is fast approaching and it is loved and celebrated by many people all over the world each year. The belief is that in Europe, there were several fertility festivals that occurred in mid-February. The first connection between love and Valentine’s day occurred in 1380 when King Richard II got engaged to Anne of Bohemia. This was said to have been the beginning of Valentines Day celebrations and it continued throughout the years up until now. The flurry of excitement that comes with Valentine’s day is a spectacle to behold and during this time, there is love and commitment aplenty.

Valentine day, how did it all start?

In the middle of the 19th century, the increased interest in Valentine’s day was apparent. It began in the United States and extended to other countries, including Canada. Producers and manufacturers of paper, lace, and flowers stood to benefit the most from this popular celebration of love. But, so did the lovers who partook of the festivities. Many partners are awaiting Valentine’s Day 2019 to exchange treats and gifts. However, the most romantic gesture seems to be the secret admirers who present their prospective partners with gifts. It is enjoyable to watch as they try to figure out the giver behind the gift.

The hand-written notes are currently traded in for commercial postcards and emails with ecards. With all this, there are still a few who still use handwritten notes. This maintains the romantic aspect of the gesture.

There are several symbols that represent love on Valentine’s day. These can be used to decorate or can be given as a gift. Hearts, cards, wrapping paper, teddy bears, rings, gift-boxes, and cookies are all symbols that depict Valentine’s day and the activities that follow. These are also common gifting ideas, even though some people get cards for their special day. For the majority of people, Valentine’s day can be celebrated with their loved ones. Others who are single are okay with a night out, game night, or movie night. If you are single, not to worry as Valentine’s day 2019 is not just for lovers. It is for everyone.

Activities and Enjoyment

For Valentine’s day 2019, there will be many different events taking place which you can partake of, whether by yourself or with a loved one. Restaurants offer Valentine’s Day menus at this time of year, but you can also get a helicopter ride for two, or one with a friend, around Toronto. You can sip drinks and stroll in Toronto, while you sample wine and treats. Mysteriously Yours has movies you can watch; Ripley’s Aquarium is an inviting spot for sightseeing and enjoying sea-life, as well as enjoying a three-course meal. Roy Thomson Hall has Romeo and Juliet, and several other places have events that last from February 12-14 and beyond for your enjoyment.

Create Memories With Rose Petals For Valentine’s Day!

Whatever you choose to do on Valentine’s day is fine, only don’t forget to enjoy the essence of the day. Plan ahead and ensure that the activities that you have planned are in line with what your partner loves. Whatever gift you choose may not be enjoyed by itself, so in addition to that you can plan an activity. Make much of each other, make much of yourself, only don’t scrimp on your enjoyment. Valentine’s Day only comes once per year. Whatever you did not get to enjoy is gone, joy cannot be regained after it is lost, and Valentine’s Day is not a time for regrets.

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