Valentine’s Day – Flowers

As Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, you need to be sure to do something out of the ordinary to show that extra special person in your life how much they mean to you. Everyone can buy Valentine’s Day flowers and chocolates as is the norm for this day, but not many know which flowers to choose and how to decorate using them. As their first instinct, many jump to buy roses, but they fail to realize there is a world of flowers out there that are great options for bouquets and decorations, some that might even be better than a rose.

Not only will you find the answers to your questions, but you will also find some wonderful ideas on how to decorate them and use them in unconventional ways down below. If you would really like to go the extra mile to decorate with flowers rather than simply handing over a bouquet, stick around and put these ideas to good use!

Keep reading and you will be sure to find a way to put a smile on your loved one’s face! After all, Valentine’s Day is the one day a year where you can show your significant other how much they really mean to you!

Is Valentine’s Day – Flowers usually given on Valentine’s Day ? 

If you would like to know what’s the best flowers for Valentines, there are some great classic options for you to choose from. Are you wondering what is the flower of love? The ever classic and beautiful rose fits every occasion and will be sure to impress all.

Carnations, lilies, and alstroemeria are also best valentine flowers that you can choose from if you would like to stick to popular Valentine’s Day flowers. Tulips are also a great addition that you can incorporate into an existing bouquet or create an entire bouquet from, no matter what you choose, the tulips will be sure to dazzle all who lay eyes on them.

What are some unconventional flowers I can use?

If you want to shy away from sought after flowers or would like to stay away from the classic red, pink, and white color scheme, give purple orchids a try. They are colorful, beautiful, and an exceptional choice. If you want other colors, try giving sunflowers to your loved one, that will definitely surprise them!

Try different types of flowers for Valentine’s day like lilies, anemones, chrysanthemums, and ranunculus from which you will find a wide selection of colors to choose from. If you want a white flower, you can opt for white daisies which are uncommon yet still elegant for this very special occasion.

What are creative ways I can use flowers?

If you are looking for creative ideas to display your flowers, this is the right place! And if you are looking for flower decorations and a way to cool your drink, try freezing your flowers in an ice cube tray overnight. In the end, you will be left with these colorful and decorative ice cubes that you can place in a bowl and use as a decoration. You can also use the ice cubes to cool down the special drink that you have waiting for your loved one. This will be a pretty and pleasant surprise at dinnertime!

You can utilize flowers another way by creating the illusion that they are floating in the water. The first step is to cut off the stems of the flowers until only the flower head remains. Next, take bubble wrap that is the size of the flower and poke it through the bottom of the flower. Next, place in a bowl or vase full of flowers and FLOAT AWAY! The more flowers you add the better as it will cover up the bubble wrap underneath and will give a more magical effect! If you would like, you can even throw in some of your frozen flower cubes as decoration as well! Who’s stopping you!

How can I use flowers to create decor?

If you’re loved one has a sweet tooth, you can make a cake and add edible flowers to them. You can make the cake or buy it from a bakery, but either way, the flowers will look gorgeous and glamorous.

Also, based on what your significant other likes, you can add flowers to it. For example, you can fill an empty cupcake liner with chrysanthemums to look like a cupcake. Another idea would be to add flowers to a fancy glass with straws to look like a milkshake. You can do this with anything that your special someone likes, you’re the only one that knows what they want anyway! If they like shoes, you can take heels, sneakers, or flats and create a flower arrangement in it to display as a centerpiece. They will be AMAZED!

These days you can also find flower sculptures that you can purchase for your special someone. It will require a little research, but some of the creations are mind-blowing. You can get sculptures of teddy bears, dogs, cats, or anything else you can dream up!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Toronto Bulk Flowers!