Roses are beautiful. They are not only a great choice for many types of arrangements, but also a popular choice for many people. The fragrance, look and feel of roses can contribute to a plethora of feelings when one looks at the arrangement it is used in. Whether you choose to create an arrangement with bulk flowers or wholesale flowers, you can choose the different types of roses that are available and have an amazing-looking arrangement. There are several different types of roses, all beautiful and all fragrant. Roses come in different types: Floribundas, Grandifloras, Hybrid Tea Roses, Perennials, Climbing Roses, Miniatures and bushes and shrubs.

The topic of roses is a very broad one and one that can never be exhausted. Even when we think we have seen them all, there is a variety that pops up that you have never seen before. People who love roses will tell you that they are perhaps one of the most difficult species of flowers to maintain or to care for. Roses are delicate and beautiful, but with proper care, watering, plant food, pruning, and replanting, it is easy to maintain the ones that you have and not have to watch them die.  Outlined below are some of the different types of roses and their preferred uses.

Miniature Roses

Miniature roses are tinier than the regular roses and can be planted in pots, in containers or in vases and can be used indoor or outdoor. If they are being used in an arrangement, then miniature roses, when used in pots, can accentuate the interior of your home with their amazing blooms. These roses, depending on their variety, normally bloom a lot and carry those blooms for maybe two to three times per year in warmer climates, but only once in colder climates. Even though they only grow to about 18-26 inches when they are fully grown, they can still add the punch that the bigger roses add. There are varieties of roses that are considered to be ever-blooming. These bloom right throughout the year.


Floribundas as one of the different types of roses. They can be bought as bulk flowers or they can be bought as single flowers. These roses are beautiful and have many blooms, hence their name. The word floribunda is Latin and the meaning is a rose that has dense flower clusters. These types of roses have clusters of blooms all at once with several blooms on a single branch. They normally don’t remain long after they open. The petals fall off after maybe four to five days, but they are beautiful, fragrant and majestic to look at. Floribundas are taller than the miniature roses by far. However, they can be used in similar ways as the miniature roses. 


Grandifloras are similar to Floribundas, which are two of the most popular varieties of flowers. They are distinctly different, in that the bud is a single one and blooms on different branches of the tree. These buds are bigger, stay a lot longer when opened and can last up to a week before becoming wilted. They come in different colors and have huge buds. If you buy these as wholesale flowers, then bouquets and other arrangements will be larger, more beautiful and the colors will be distinct. They have a greater variety of colors than for other types of roses. Grandifloras are a cross between the Floribunda and the Hybrid Tea Rose.

Hybrid Tea Roses

Tea roses, which are garden roses, are oftentimes pale yellow, with a pink tinge and a scent that is similar to that of tea. These are also popular, but a little smaller than the grandifloras. They can be used in floral arrangements, bouquets, bridal flowers, outdoor decoration or indoor decoration. These petals, when opened, are also long-lasting and add beauty for a couple of days. Tea roses are beautiful to look at, scented, beautiful and can be used in many different ways.

Other types of roses

Some of the other types of roses, such as perennials, climbing roses, bushes, and shrubs are mainly similar to the popular kind of Roses, but there are distinct differences between them. Based on their names, they have characteristics that differ. Some of these roses are used as decorative garden flowers. Others are used in floral arrangements or gardens and bouquets. They add a dash of color and class in any type of arrangement.

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