Peonies are mythological and are historically significant. There are various symbols and meanings of peonies. With the history of peonies that dates back thousands of years and the folklore that surrounds the origin of peony has different versions. Commonly the meaning of peony is associated with beauty, romance, happy marriage, wealth, good fortune, honor, compassion, bashfulness, and prosperity.

  • Honor – Peony is the symbolization of honor, and it is explicitly suitable for people who want to celebrate their success. The symbolic meaning makes the peony flowers a fantastic gift for the ones who graduated or have made any form of successful act.
  • Romance – They signify love and romance. The gorgeous peony flowers are a fantastic gift for people who want to express their love for someone, specifically if the concern is to show their serious and deep emotions.
  • Beauty – Gorgeous peonies are the symbol of grace and beauty. Its meaning is associated with peonies in many cultures where they are seen as the reflection of symbolical meaning. They are used to represent uniqueness and beauty that is still known for this.
  • Bashfulness It symbolizes shame and modesty. This beautiful flower still has relevance with negativity, but you need to be careful while gifting them as they can also give this message as well.
  • WealthPeonies are a part of balconies and royal gardens for a long time. These beautiful flowers are prominent due to their fragile beauty and tenderness, making them a status symbol and favorite flower of royalties in the gardens.

What is the history of peonies?

Peony is the traditional symbolic flower of China, and it also is Indiana’s state flower. They also have an association with flowers of honor and riches. With the full, lush, and round bloom, peonies signify prosperity and romance with the symbolization of good luck.

Once, peonies were also famous for their medicinal uses. During the medieval and ancient times, the roots and seeds of peonies were believed to give the cure to twenty diseases that include snake bites and epilepsy. The children in England used to wear the root necklace of peonies for the prevention of seizure and tooth pain.

The season in which peonies grow is always sweet and short as they are incredibly gorgeous flowers, and it’s not difficult to say why peonies always leave their mark. The history of peonies is rich than any other flower, and it makes them popular.

What are the native areas of peonies?

Peonies are the native of areas with moderate and cold temperatures in the northern hemisphere, which is why they are iconic for late spring and early summertime in the US. They are also popular and widely loved in Tibet and China for several centuries. During ancient times in China, peonies were also utilized to flavor food products, make medicines, and were used elaborately for the imperial gardens.

What is the medical significance of peonies?

They have made their way to the entire world, where they are regarded as the healing flower of Europe. Whereas, in European countries, it is believed that peonies are capable of curing different diseases.

The mystical qualities of peonies add to the charm of these gorgeous flowers as they increase the aspiration to get them. Although we don’t see peonies in different medicines or for any culinary application these days, peonies are still a popular type of flower for its breathtaking beauty.

The meanings of peonies

Here are some meanings of various colors of peonies:

What do pink peonies represent?

Peonies come in different colors where pink is the most common and popular color. Peonies in pink color are known to be romantic as they are seen in different cultures. Pink peony signifies honor and riches. This officially made them the 12th wedding anniversary flower.

What makes white peonies so special?

If someone is looking for a crisp and clean looking bouquet, white peonies are a sophisticated choice. Also known as the classic color, white peonies are so popular. They are the epitome of romance without showing feminism with its pure feels. There is nothing better than a white peony bouquet to give any room a breeze of fresh air. They have a full emblem bloom with different white shades looking strikingly gorgeous due to all the floral arrangements.

What do deep red peonies symbolize?

Peony flowers in deep red color symbolize passion and love. Some of the cultures associate red color peonies with abundance and wealth that explains the symbolic meaning of this gorgeous flower related to these traits.

How peonies become popular despite their short season?

Peonies come for a short season; they begin to blossom by the end of May and finish in early June. The short-lived quality of peonies increases the allure of brides if they are marrying during the peony season. They make for their own elegance as they are the seasonal specialty making an elegant bouquet of flowers for wedding floral arrangement.