If you are a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) loving kind of person, then hot pink roses are your # 1 option. These versatile roses can be used in any occasion such as baby girl birthdays, bridal showers and of course as additions to wedding flowers. Get your hands on some hot pink roses and get to work on your do-it-yourself flower arrangements.

Rose care instructions

As soon as you receive your order, place all flowers and roses in bucket almost the size of 5-gallon capacity. Fill up water 1/5 way and please note that most of the hot pink roses come in a bunch of 25 stems. But it looks like there are 12 stems of them because the bunches are packed in two stacked layers to protect the roses. Open the cardboard of rose bunches and count the stems!

There will be 25 stems. Trim and remove any foliage and greens that could fall below the waterline. Take off 2 or 3 outer petals that look a little bit tough and older. We always offer our customers to get their order in 2 days in advance of their DIY design project. If you are not designing the same day, store them in a cool place away from sunlight or heat sources.

Be sure to never use freezers for your flowers and hot pink roses.

If you have any questions or concerns during the processing of your hot pink roses, don’t hesitate to call us at 416-568-8009. Our expert staff at Toronto Bulk Flowers will be pleased to help you with any care instructions for your flowers.

Rose arrangement

When you are ready to arrange your floral bouquet or flower arrangement, leave all flowers and hot pink roses on top of a table and have a sample image of what you want to make. You will certainly need a variety of flowers to match the picture and you can then style and design it yourself.
If you want to design a floral look for a baby girl shower or a bridal shower and wish to use pink or hot pink flowers, then the bulk hot pink roses are your best pick – freshly cut and straight from the farm.

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Rose meaning

By the way, do you know the meaning of hot pink roses that you have chosen for your do-it-yourself flower arrangement? Of course, we can explain that too.

The hot pink color symbolizes gratitude, grace, and appreciation. Overall, hot pink roses suggest gentleness compared to other typical bright flowers. It will be the best gift when given to someone special.

Ordering roses online at Toronto Bulk Flowers

Shopping online has numerous advantages and benefits, the most important is skipping the middle operators and shopping directly from the store.

Toronto Bulk Flowers cooperates with small farmers to get the freshest products and to cultivate a place of beauty with the best prices by giving you seasonal roses and greenery. There is no need to shop around or drive to a crowded market that has limited parking places. And better yet, there is no bargaining! At Toronto Bulk Flowers, you will have found the final and most competitive prices for your flowers.

Your wedding is very important so if this is your first or beginning DIY flower arranging project, we can help you with the decision-making. Hot pink roses are ideal as an addition to your wedding flowers.

Learn how to keep your costs down with 2 tips on how to purchase wholesale flowers online.

Tip 1: Order 15 days in advance

Pre-ordering your roses and greenery often keeps prices low during high wedding season, especially during the months of June and July. We recommend ordering at least 15 days in advance to get the lower prices.

Tip 2: Set your arrival date for 2-3 days before your event

Set the arrival date for your flowers, roses, and greens at least two days in advance of your occasion.

Flower shops do not always offer the same price as wholesale flowers that we offer to our customers. Because we deliver your order as wholesale packages, we do not pay for any man-power to clean up and prepare the flowers. This is the costumer’s job. Also ordering online is considerably greater than going flower store. The factors that lead to a lower expense for us is that we are in a warehouse. That means we pay a lot less for the rent, electricity, and shrinkage loss that are all the higher expenses of a shopping center or walk-in flower shop. Enjoy the best roses and prices at Toronto Bulk Flowers.

By: Mateen Rokhsefat, lead content marketing at Toronto Bulk Flowers