Most people prefer weddings in the summer because of the warm weather and scenery, but they don’t realize that winter weddings are just as amazing. Winter weddings are not as uncommon as you think because they are truly magical. There is no warm weather, but there is so much more to it, like the amazing scenery, the holiday magic, and snowy weather. Winter wedding ideas have their own stunning features that can be customized according to your choice.

Summer weddings have a lot of warm, tropical, and bright aspects to them, whereas winter weddings embrace the winter weather with holiday and winter aspects. To make your wedding even better, here are some winter wedding ideas for your perfect winter wedding. You’ll see that everything from the bouquet to the dress is completely winterized!

Which bouquets are best for a winter wedding?

A bouquet is of course based on personal preferences, so it isn’t much different from a summer wedding. Here are some great choices that will go great with a winter theme. Amaryllis will add depth to your bouquet because of its unique shape or you could opt for the classic roses, which are the epitome of beauty with a range of colors to choose from.

Gardenias, orchids, and carnations are also classic flowers that will pair nicely with your wedding bouquet. If you would like to go more colorful, you could add tulips, ranunculus, and peonies.

How to add a pop of color to a bland bouquet?

If you want to go a colorful route, or just want to add a pop of color to a white bouquet, you can opt for choosing deep red or deep purple flowers, they pair nicely with all bouquets. If you don’t like the idea of dark colors, you can choose to lighten things up with pastel pinks, blues, and grays. Alternately, purple winter wedding ideas are also trending a lot.

Since it is a winter wedding, you can also use greenery such as cedar, spruce, pine, and eucalyptus. A popular choice is an olive branch because it has a symbolic meaning of starting a wonderful new life together with your partner.

How do I make my bouquet unique?

For winter weddings, you can add a lot of different, unique bouquets that would not normally be seen at summer weddings. You can add lots of ferns, pinecones, and even berries. White ribbon or lace would also pair nicely with these bouquets. These additions are specific to winter and will keep your bouquet to the winter theme.

What are some winter wedding decorations?

Garlands and floral decorations always work no matter what type of wedding you are planning. But, it is important to stick to your color theme when decorating with flowers. White flowers from florist Thornhill such as white roses, white dahlias, white orchids, white tulips, and more make beautiful decorations.

It is also one of the preferred winter wedding ideas to add as many lights as possible to really brighten your wedding and to give it a more magical effect. You can decorate the tables with flower vases from wholesale florist filled with lights, candles, and fairy lights. Branches also bring a very rustic look to your wedding. You can paint these white, wrap them in lights, and they make beautiful table centerpieces.

Ways to add holiday magic?

You can incorporate a few red and green decorations, or even in your bridal bouquet. You can even use a Christmas tree and decorations that fit in your color theme. White decorations look very elegant and vintage on a Christmas tree.

One of the best winter wedding ideas is to use lights that go along with the holiday magic. Want it even more magical? You can use snowflakes, or even sprinkle faux snow if that is not an option for you.

How to stay warm?

In a winter wedding, the main concern is the weather and how to stay warm, but here are some ways for both the bride and her guests to stay warm and have fun. One option is to add a festive cape to keep you warm and to channel your inner ice queen! Your bridesmaids can do the same by incorporating a shawl or fur. You should leave blankets so that your wedding guests can use it to warm up if they need to. And if your venue has a fireplace, then absolutely take advantage of it!

Which winter weddings are better: indoor or outdoor?

Most people with winter weddings struggle with this question, but the answer is both of them are just as magical, and a mixture of both, is the perfect compromise. An indoor wedding ensures that your guests stay warm inside and you can incorporate many decorations to incorporate the theme of winter.

The outdoor weddings serve as beautiful scenery and amazing for pictures but many might be concerned about how to stay warm. Well, a mixture for both allows you to incorporate wooden features to add a winter touch indoors and to take stunning pictures with the beautiful scenery offered in winter. Either way, if you choose to go completely outdoors, or completely indoors, your winter wedding will still be remarkable and memorable!

What type of wedding dress should I wear?

With winter weddings, it is a better idea to go with a more simple dress. Lace dresses look absolutely stunning in the snowy scenery. It is probably a better idea to wear a long winter dress with long sleeves instead of going too revealing. To stay a bit warm for the pictures, you can pair it with fur, a cape, or even a shawl.

Have aa cool wintry wedding!