2 Dozen Red Roses

Red roses are the signature color of love and the 2 Dozen Red Roses are the ideal gift for romantic occasions such as anniversary or Valentine’s Day. Feel free to choose your favorite color for 2 Dozen Boxed Roses. You may choose orange, white, pink, yellow, or any color that you prefer at the checkout. Simply indicate your color preference in the delivery date. When the recipient gets their roses, she or he should follow the flowers care instructions in the box. 

When you choose Red Roses to celebrate your anniversary or her birthday, you can be sure that they will bring the ultimate beauty to their day.  Let us light up her day with our 2 Dozen Red Roses. With these 24 fresh, luxury red roses you will always bring passion to your relationship.  

Toronto Bulk Flowers professionally arranges your roses on a bed of beautiful tissue paper, then we arrange them in a box with gorgeous decorative ribbon. Toronto Bulk Flowers delivers fresh roses creatively tailored to your liking. A box of red roses delivered to the door anywhere in the Toronto, and GTA? you can visit our website at Toronto Bulk Flowers and choose the item, with just a click away.

The long stems help accentuate the rose’s natural beauty. Make a powerful statement with up to 24 red roses that last for 10 days even you can dry it as a collection gift whole year. So, a 2 Dozen Red Roses makes it the perfect gift for any occasion. 

Toronto Bulk Flowers carefully cleans and supports each stem, to encourage each flower to focus its beauty on a single bloom.

How tall are red roses?

They reach around 50cm long. Order roses online today or call 1-416-568-8009. Twenty four beautiful 50 to 60 cm long-stem luxury red roses are arranged in a rose gift box with added ribbon.