Hot Pink Roses – 50 cm

Bulk Hot Pink Roses are one of those awesome-colored flowers that you fall in love with as soon as you set eyes on them and will include in flower designs. These gorgeous pink roses are great in size and their kind of beauty offers a one of a kind look and feel. Many creative brides who love DIY flower design projects and stylish wedding planners use it in their floral arrangements.

Pink roses are a great option for inclusion in wedding flowers because they can liven-up a monotone white bouquet or wedding table centerpiece. Use these stunning flowers to decorate and accomplish any DIY arrangements  like bridal bouquets and centerpieces.

A great many varieties of other flowers can be used to match with Bulk Hot Pink Roses. White Hydrangea, Alstroemeria Peruvian Lily White and Oriental White Lily are some of the easiest and prettiest options. Either way, these roses are ideal for wedding flowers, either as the focal theme color or a complement to other roses and flowers.

You can pair Hot Pink Roses with many other bulk flowers, fillers, and greeneries such as Sword Fern Greens, Foxtail Fern Green and Pink Heather Flower. At Toronto Bulk Flowers we are ready to help with any of your flower design inquiries. You can order Bulk Roses as wholesale flowers and have them delivered to  Toronto for wholesale prices.

What is the meaning of a single pink rose?

Pink Roses symbolize:

  • Sweetness,
  • Elegance,
  • Admiration