Cymbidium belongs to the family of orchids which are perfect for any formal occasion. They bloom once a year which makes them different from the rest of the flowers. They are widely popular and in high demand for the wedding season. Cymbidium Boutonniere is made with utmost care using high quality pigmented Cymbidium grown locally. A magnificent Cymbidium Boutonniere brings freshness to the entire look.

An exquisite single Cymbidium bloom is secured to the lush green stem, wrapped in a pretty ribbon with an attachment of a pin to make a picture-perfect Boutonniere. They are an exceptional choice for a spring or a winter wedding. It is among the most desirable flowers in the world and a befitting choice for any special occasion.

Their delicate petals and exceptional color combination make them stand out from all other flowers. They are not just confined to weddings but can also be used for proms, homecoming, dinners, formal presentations, and many such occasions.

There are a lot of colors, species, and arrangements available to satisfy all your requirements. Mostly a groom is envisioned wearing a Rose Boutonniere or maybe a Tulip. But a Cymbidium Boutonniere is a distinctive and exotic choice for a groom on his most special day. Why should you be like others when you can clearly be different, right?

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