Ficus Plant – Home And Office Plant

There are so many species of the Ficus Plant which are native to the tropics. Ficus trees are popular as indoor plants in the home and office because of their attractive foliage and also because they look quite a bit like a small tree.

They always maintain their tree-like shape, making them ideal for bonsais. Indoor plants Toronto are mostly easy to grow but you could say that the Ficus plant is a bit more demanding. What is referred to as a Ficus is actually a weeping fig?

Caring for the Ficus plant:

  • The Ficus likes filtered light or bright indirect light.
  • Ficus trees don’t like low temperatures or standing in a draft.
  • The Ficus also doesn’t like to be changed around a lot – one minute in the sun, then in front of a window, then next to a heater. It likes a constant temperature.
  • They want a fairly high humidity. To help them with humidity you can mist the leaves or place the Ficus tree pot on a pebble tray filled with water.
  • Don’t over-water the Ficus Plant. Only when the soil is dry to the touch can the plant be watered.
  • The Ficus has fairly large leaves. Use a damp cloth to remove dust from the leaves.
  • The Ficus is fast-growing and they will want a good fertilizer to grow well. You can give your plant fertilizer once in 2 months and in the Spring and Summer. They want fertilizer rich in nitrogen. Always read details about fertilizing on the fertilizer packaging.
  • Because the Ficus is fast growing and has vigorous root growth, it can become pot bound which means replanting will be necessary every 2 years or so.

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Approximately: 10″ pot, 42″ Height