Hibiscus Plant

Hibiscus plant is a flowering indoor plant of the hibiscus family with pink-white attractive flowers. They are very common.

Its botanical name is Hibiscus syriacus.

What are the maintenance practices of blushing hibiscus plants?

  • Lighting

These plants do well in very bright light. However, just like any other indoor plants, they ought to be away from direct sunlight. Too much light causes sunburns while less light causes dormancy.

  • Irrigation

Thorough watering should be done after planting. Thereafter, avoid excessive watering as it may cause logging in the soil. Avoid misting the leaves as the water remains may cause mildew.

  • Fertilizer application

To ensure a healthy and strong blushing hibiscus, fertilize often. then it should promotes blooming and maintains the dark green leaves.

  • Pruning

Pruning is done to give the plants a good shape and to promote blooming. so remove any dead leaves and branches from the main stems.

  • Soil

Ensure that the media used is free from diseases, well-draining and rich in nutrients. So use a light medium to avoid water-retention.

  • Propagation

They are mainly propagated from cuttings and the baby plant will be an exact copy of the mother plant, so first the cuttings are dipped in a rooting hormone and later planted in in soil with close monitoring until they develop strong roots. Therefore the medium should have a very good drainage.

  • Pest and diseases

The blushing hibiscus plant is highly susceptible to pest and disease attack hence  you need to closely monitor any signs.

Benefits of the blushing hibiscus plant.

  • They are used in skin treatment for black spots, white heads and removal of dead skins. Therefore the oil made from these plants is used to make the skin smooth and to treat dry skins.
  • They help in weight loss by removing excessive calories and unnecessary fats that might have accumulated in the body.
  • They help boost energy in the body and re-dehydrates it from water loss.