Peace lily

It is scientifically proven that peace lily plants are an efficient indoor plants and air pollution absorber. Similarly, botanical name of this peace plant is spathiphyllum. These peace lily plants have a glossy, striking, white and dark green leaves, sweetly scented flowers and are cobra-shaped. It is tremendously easy to take care of this lily plant. Further, size of this peaceful plant is approximately 12″pot x 36″h.

Care for lily plant

  • We should water them very well from spring season to autumn and above all especially in winter season.
  • They cannot bear drying out at all.
  • We should keep these plants away from direct sunlight because it can cause the foliage a yellowish shade.
  • These plants are tropical and they always prefer warm temperatures. 18° temperature is ideal for them but they can also bear down to 15° temperature.
  • We should regularly apply liquid fertilizer in the growing season.
  • To keep the leaves dust free we have to wipe them of occasionally.
  • These plants prefer great humidity. Moreover, those flowerswhich are old, we can cut their stems off and then we can pot them again in spring season.
  • We have to be very careful because they can be a subject to grey mould and spider mites.

What are the features and benefits of peace lily?

Features and benefits of peace lily plants are as follows:

  • These plants can work as an air purifier.
  • They are more like flowering plants and foliage.
  • Also, these stunning flowers are attractively scented.

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