Red carnations are just as beautiful as red roses and can be substituted one for the other. Moreover, you can arrange them with other carnations of different colors to bring out the beauty and brightness of each. Red carnations are symbolic in meaning to admiration, love, and affection and are given on occasions that represent these instances. Carnations are popular, beautiful and one of the most sought after flowers that are available. It has many uses and can be used for home décor, lapel flower, corsage, bridal bouquet or any other way in which you choose to use them.

Sizes and availability of Red Carnations:

  • Carnations are available in mini spray and standard. But can be used for any project that you desire to use them for.
  • You can order to receive your order three days before your event.
  • They are available throughout the year and when you purchase they make take up to two days to open from the bud.
  • Red carnations are fresh cut flowers and they are long-lasting. You can get one bloom on each stem, two inches wide and approximately 20 inches in height.
  • When you purchase them as bulk flowers, you can get them two-toned or as a solid color.

What are the uses of these red blooms?

  • You can choose red carnations to add to an existing showpiece.
  • These flowers can be planted to beautify your garden.
  • You can also present them to your mother as a gift for Mother’s Day
  • Similarly, they can also be a special token of your appreciation and undying loyalty to someone.
  • Whatever you choose to use them for, they will be greatly appreciated and cherished.

If you would rather mix your red carnations with other flowers then you have the freedom to do so. They are hardy, so they can grow in any spot you choose to grow them in and the result is a fantastic looking garden with luscious blooms.