Sago Palm

The Sago Palm Bonsai is a member of the cycad genus and have survived for millions of years. These little palms are native to Japan’s southernmost islands, and are wonderful for growing indoors or outdoors.

The Sago Palm has dark green leaves as well as glossy leaflets that curl along the edges, bring tropical beauty into your home, office or garden.  For a small palm, the trunk is thick. It is one of the easiest plants to grow, indoors or out.

The Sago is hardy but it will want to be placed in an area that receives some bright light or lightly filtered sunlight. It likes temperatures between 60° and 75°F and doesn’t want its night time temperatures to drop below 50°F.

Caring for your Sago Palm Bonsai:


  • Your Sago Palm Bonsai will thrive in soil that contains organic matter and is well-drained. Once you’ve brought your palm home you can provide it with some compost once a year.
  • When the top part of the soil has dried out, water your palm but make sure your palm is never standing in drenched, soggy soil. If you live in an area where it gets considerably cooler, water less.
  • Remove any dried-out leaves.
  • This is a slow-growing plant and will only require repotting when the roots become too congested for the pot.
  • You can fertilize about 3 times a year, especially in times of new growth. Make sure to read the instructions on the packaging as fertilizer can burn and kill a plant if applied too lavishly.


The sweet little Sago Palm Bonsai will be your beautiful, healthy, leafy friend for many years to come, but only if you buy it from a reputable source – people who know that a good, solid start is important for the future health of any plant.