Sunshine Bouquet

             If you are in a fix to choose a thank you gift for your loved ones then let us present you sunshine bouquet by Flower Shop. This is one of the gems that we have at Bulk flowers, Richmond Hill. Why do we call it sunshine bouquet? The very first look of these flowers gives you, energetic, joyous and serene feelings of nature. Many people prefer light colors over bright so this is the best option for such people. The color scheme of this bouquet is so tranquil that in your mind it opens the door of nature.

What makes the sunshine bouquet so special?

The thing which makes this bouquet so special is its combination of flowers and its light yellow can vase. It has the perfect combination of the following flowers:- 

  1.     i) Yellow roses,      ii) White spray roses       iii) Yellow cushion poms                   
  2. iv)  White traditional daisies         v) White Monte Casino Asters  

As you know yellow roses are the symbol of friendship, joy, sunshine and get well. While the white spray roses are the symbol of youthfulness, innocence, and purity. Similarly, yellow cushion poms, White Monte Casino aster and white traditional daisies are the symbol of longevity, elegance, and serene nature. So collectively sunshine bouquet represents happiness, joy, youthfulness, purity, innocence, longevity, and serene nature.

Sunshine bouquet can be presented to whom?

  • Definitely it is the best floral gift which you can present to your loved ones to say thank you for their beautiful presence in your life.
  • It can be presented to your mother or to your father on mother’s day and father’s day. Presenting it to your partner on your anniversary is not a bad option. This will convey the message that you still love her or him.
  • You can also present these flowers to someone who is in a hospital due to some ailment. Your presence with these flowers will definitely bring happiness on his/her face and that person will recover rapidly
  • You can also use it for home décor. You can place it in the center of a table or on the desk of your work station.

So what are you waiting for? Place an order and win the hearts of your loved ones by presenting these sunshine bouquets. If you still think that this bouquet is not for you then you can visit our website for more variety of thank you flowers by clicking on the link Toronto Bulk Flower Shop, Ontario.

Approximately 14″H x 14″W.