The FTD free spirit bouquet is pure magic on the most treasured moments of the life of your loved ones. There are many birthday floral gifts available with local florists Richmond Hill but no one matches the beauty of this floral collection. The purple, blue, and green hues are giving an outstanding look, creating a relaxing and pleasant environment. Therefore, we highly recommend to send or present this bouquet along with one other gift to people closer to your heart on their birthdays. We will deliver it in the Whitby district flower delivery Whitby.

Why the FTD free spirit bouquet is extremely beautiful?

            The beauty of this bouquet lies in the flowers. The following gorgeous flowers are responsible for this awe-inspiring floral collection.

  • Blue Iris.
  • Lavender daisies.
  • The statice flowers of violet color.  
  • Green button poms
  • Greenery

            These floral blooms have been packed in a spotless glass vase, with extra care to give a perfect and fresh disposition. The approximate size of this bouquet is 17” H x 12” W.

 The meaning of flowers in the FTD free spirit bouquet:

  • The blue irises are pure heaven under the blue sky. They are representing hope, peace, and optimism in life.
  • Similarly, the lavender daisies are the tokens of remembrance and thoughtfulness in your prayers.
  • Green stands for wealth and good fortune. Therefore the green button poms used in this floral collection are representing wealth and good luck.
  • While the purple statice blooms are speaking for royalty, nobility, and beauty.

So the FTD free spirit bouquet is representing optimism, royalty, beauty, wealth, and good health. So, you can give these splendid hues.

  • On achievement of your friends to congratulate them on their success.
  • Mother’s day is also an important occasion for you to pay homage to your mothers with this bouquet.
  • Engagement of your friends to wish a good life ahead.     
  • The spring day.
  • Wedding anniversaries.
  • Baby shower.
  • Father’s Day.
  • Birthdays.

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  • Phalaenopsis Orchid – Two Planters